Dennis Prager: “Many Slaveholders Were Nice People”

Prager is a paid by the right wing normally by the Mercer family to the tune of 36 million dollars to push on YouTube the conservative whatever Republican party wants push is.   Sometimes it is very painful to see the positions they push to forward to advance the republican points.    The bad part is the republicans are funding this.  Yet there is no left democratic alternative paid for by left wing billionaires.    The right wing has been doing this for decades.   The Mercers are White power white Christian supremacy’s who have founded and pay for many right-wing media outlets.   Including Steve Bannon.   The left seriously need to up their game on this.   The point is these people want to change the world to have only their accepted ones in charge of everything and the left wants everyone to have a say in how everything is run.   But our side either doesn’t have the money or won’t spend it on these issues.    Hugs

Dennis Prager: “Many Slaveholders Were Nice People”


“One of the confusing things about life is how many nice people help destroy societies. This is not meant at all facetiously. It is meant literally.

“We think that people who do bad things, either think they’re doing bad and so they’re truly evil or they will be obviously bad in interpersonal relations, but it doesn’t work that way.

“Nice people can support vicious things. The human being is a macro and a micro being among the many, many differences within each of us. There were undoubtedly many nice slaveholders in the South. This is not meant facetiously again, it’s meant literally.

“If you had been invited to one of their homes, you would have been treated beautifully, but they supported a vicious system. The left is a vicious system. It’s not slavery.

“Although the end result of all leftism is the enslavement of populations, not as in transatlantic slave trade or chattel slavery, but in the diminution of human rights and liberties, which is a form of enslavement.” – Dennis Prager.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Prager declares he’d tell grieving parents that that they’re “wrong” to oppose gun control. Prager claims Trump “has never made any bigoted remarks.” Prager says most gay people “cannot think as a person.” Prager claims that if the US were to split, “the Christian side would prosper.” Prager declares the Capitol riot to be a “Reichstag fire.” Prager defends anti-vaxxers by claiming that gay men were not “pariahs” during the 80s height of the AIDS epidemic. Prager declares that doctors “know nothing” about COVID and that everybody should stock up on horse paste. Prager declares that President Obama has “zero masculinity.” Prager rages that if the left really cared about black people, they’d tell them to “elevate their moral standards.” Prager laments that nobody says “Negro” anymore and that he can’t use the N-word.

K Elmquist • an hour ago

“Many Slaveholders Were Nice People”

And Adolph Hitler liked dogs. So what? It doesn’t excuse the abuses.

Fearsome Beard • an hour ago

So Mr Prager, would you feel the same way if the slave owners were black and the slaves were white?

You’re Tedious & Boring • an hour ago • edited

One cannot be a nice person and support horrid people or vicious things.
They are mutually exclusive.

BensNewLogin • an hour ago

Every Catholic priest ever is a nice person until he gets caught with his hands down the cookie jars pants. Hitler was a vegetarian who love dogs and children, but didn’t like Jews at all.

Slavery had nothing to do with left and right. It had only to do with right and wrong

Rebecca Gardner • an hour ago

Does his word salad come with a Bullshit to English translation?

Max-1 🔫+cult(R)=☠️ • an hour ago


BeccaM • an hour ago

‘Slaveholder’ is a term which vastly understates the vicious brutality of human enslavement.

The practice of enslaving someone always included torture and dehumanization. There was quite literally a profession known as “slave breakers”—men who would travel the slave states offering services to ensure that children or newly enslaved adults were physically and psychologically broken.

When Dennis here talks about visitors being treated kindly and generously by slave owners, he’s referring only to white people. But y’all already knew that.

Houndentenor • an hour ago

No, they weren’t nice. They enslaved other human beings. That’s not nice. Many of them (like Thomas Jefferson) were well aware that it was immoral but kept doing it because it was so financially advantageous. (Too many obvious parallels to our own times to bother with specific examples here.) No, they weren’t nice.

Now were some better to the people they were enslaving? Obviously. But if there were that many “nice” slave owners why did so many risk death and torture to escape? I’ve had some shitty jobs but none so bad I’d have risk death or flogging to escape! Not even close to that. Were some so beat down from a lifetime of abuse that they didn’t try to escape? Sure. That’s a whole field of psychology. but there lives were still horror shows.

Many thanks to the scholars who are researching and writing about this topic. I’ve been reading a lot of their work over the past five years or so and I have learned so much, all of it horrifying. The fact that we have white people trying to minimize 250 years of horrors (longer on other continents) is infuriating. (I can only imagine how much that angers the descendants of enslaved people. I’m white and I’m livid.) There’s no reason to excuse slavery. It should never have happened and it’s disrespectful to the people abused in that system to pretend that it wasn’t that bad.

9 thoughts on “Dennis Prager: “Many Slaveholders Were Nice People”

    1. Hello Jeff. Yes last I knew he was being paid 36 million dollars a year to spread right wing Christian nationalist racist bigotry which is what the right wing media normally spreads. His mission is to make the rabid right Taliban give everything to the wealthy and the poor are at fault for being poor talking points so the lower-level republicans that depend on the culture wars to blame others for their problems will listen to him / his hosts and keep voting republican. That is the goal, spread the right wing message by making it sound as good as possible for the poorer white shrinking middle class. I hate the deception but here in Florida the poorer older retired folks are eating it up while the laughing wealthy retirement class is busy taking over the government with DeathSantis so their retirement incomes go up and their taxes go down. Hugs

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  1. These are the same type of people who say “that serial killer was such a nice quiet person”.
    My Uncle Franklin was a very studios, quiet man. An engineer and machinist by training, he was a farmer as well. Everyone spoke about Uncle Franklin well, that I ever heard. He treated his neighbors and wife well, took care of his land, fed his stock, butchered them….. Yeah, the cattle weren’t fans, no matter how nice a man he was. Go figure.

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    1. Hello Randy. Great way to explain it. History is seen through the eyes of the winners / majority. Why is it so important for some white people to erase slavery? I don’t understand that. It happened. Unless you promote it happening again or liked it, why hide it. It was and always will be a horrible thing for people to be owned as property. Period. Everyone, including those whose ancestors were not owned as property, needs to fight against it. It is still happening right now, in some countries slavery is existing by authorities looking the other way and in some countries it is supported by the government and traditions. The term human trafficking doesn’t mean just moving people / kids around for sex, it can also mean arranging / selling people into slavery such as using kids brought from elsewhere to do work with no pay or choice. I posted about a young boy who was about 7 brought from a poor country to the UK and used as a house slave to clean and take care of the house while raising / caring for his enslaver’s kids. So it is still happening today. It must be fought as much as possible. Hugs

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