TX Judge: Insurance Coverage For HIV PrEP Pill Violates Religious Rights And “Enables Homosexual Behavior”

These religious nationalist won’t be happy until the LGBTQ+ are driven from society.   First we must be returned to a state of no rights or protection, then made illegal all over the land.   This kind of hate is weird.   People need to defend the rights of the LGBTQ+ or next it will be you they come for.    These people think the Handmaids Tale is a guidebook.    Hugs

The Advocate reports:

A federal judge in Texas has ruled partially in favor of plaintiffs that argued that requiring insurance companies to cover medications for HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, violates their rights on religious grounds.

Jonathan Mitchell, who founded a one-person law firm in 2018 intending to challenge decades-old Supreme Court rulings, brought the case Braidwood Management Inc., vs. Xavier Becerra, in the Northern District of Texas.

There, United States district judge Reed O’Conner ruled in favor of plaintiffs who argued that paying for insurance that covers PrEP violates their religious beliefs because PrEP “enable[s and encourages] homosexual behavior.”

Read the full article.

The Dallas Morning News reported in July:

Right now, a half dozen cases on everything from insurance coverage for HIV prevention to employment discrimination and same-sex marriage are wending their way through state and federal courts here. Their outcomes could radically alter rights for LGBTQ people in Texas and across the country.

The lawsuits all have one thing in common: former Texas solicitor general Jonathan Mitchell. Best known as the man behind the state law that allows Texans to file civil lawsuits against people who help pregnant people get abortions, Mitchell opened up a law firm in Austin four years ago with the goal of systematically dismantling decades of court rulings he believes depart from the U.S. Constitution.


weshlovrcm • 26 minutes ago

Again, the faith and sincerely held religious beliefs of the people using these drugs is trampled and ignored. If we’re going to become a country where the only thing that matters is “religious beliefs,” then WHOSE religious beliefs will take precedence?

What, me worry? weshlovrcm • 25 minutes ago

Well here’s where we’re going. The checker at your local grocery or drug store can now refuse to sell you condoms because of their religious fantasies.

clay • 25 minutes ago

Over half the people living with HIV contracted the virus through non-homosexual activities.

Nemerah S. clay • 24 minutes ago

“Sorry sir, we can’t condone homosexual behavior.”
“But I’m straight.”
“Sorry, you’re gay by osmosis.”

Liberal Canadian • 33 minutes ago

I didn’t realize an insurance company could have religious beliefs.

Raising_Rlyeh Liberal Canadian • 2 minutes ago

In this case it’s not the insurance company. This fuckface found a bunch of backwards fucking hicks that didn’t want to pay for an insurance plan that covers PREP or birth control and found an insanely conservative judge. They’re are suing to deny people life saving medications

amy cuscuriae The_Wretched • 34 minutes ago

Legislating from the bench is all right if you are a MAGA Federalist Society judge.

Bob’s Your Uncle – BYU • 29 minutes ago

“enabling homosexual behavior”.

Why Straight People Need to Talk More About PrEP

The CDC also recommends taking PrEP if you’re heterosexual and you don’t regularly use condoms during sex with people whose HIV status is unknown. You can also talk to your doctor to find out if you should take PrEP.

Because The virus that supposedly carries god’s judgment can’t infect heterosexuals?

2patricius2 • 29 minutes ago

“United States district judge Reed O’Conner ruled in favor of plaintiffs who argued that paying for insurance that covers PrEP violates their religious beliefs because PrEP ‘enable[s and encourages] homosexual behavior.’”

I would say that this judge’s ruling violates my religious beliefs of treating others as we would want to be treated. His ruling violates my religious belief that one should not use the excuse of religious belief to impose their beliefs on everyone else.

Victor • 37 minutes ago

Jonathan doesn’t seem to realize that HIV drugs are not only used by those people he hates.

What, me worry? • 29 minutes ago

For one thing, homosexual behavior is no longer illegal.

clay What, me worry? • 23 minutes ago

Those two are working on changing that, as well.

Tim H Patter • 35 minutes ago

Yes, our khristian nationalists would prefer that anyone with HIV just die, because they don’t want the 1 cent of their annual insurance coverage to give you medications.

clay Tim H Patter • 29 minutes ago

Oh, it goes beyond anyone with HIV. They include anyone who might be on the receiving end of body fluids from someone with detectable HIV to die, as well. For instance, they want prison medical staff to just die (or quit).

4 thoughts on “TX Judge: Insurance Coverage For HIV PrEP Pill Violates Religious Rights And “Enables Homosexual Behavior”

  1. We said this was coming. It isn’t only gay people who will be hurt by this. As is stated above.

    I just want to know, who funds this? It’s not cheap to sue for a judgment like this where no money damages are awarded. Anyway, I’m on the Dallas News just now reading the story there, and saw an argument that “… “There is no constitutional right to same-sex marriage,” the Umphress case reads. “The federal judiciary has no authority to recognize or invent ‘fundamental’ constitutional rights. …” ” There is no specific right to any marriage in the US Constitution! FFS. Ah, well. I’m gonna finish the Dallas News article about this. I know judges who’d be rolling in their graves over these things, if they could know.

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    1. Hello Ali. There are two main groups that I see time and time again in these anti-LGBTQ+ lawsuits.

      Liberty Counsel
      Liberty Counsel is a 501 tax-exempt religious liberty organization that engages in litigation related to evangelical Christian values. Liberty Counsel was founded in 1989 by its chairman Mathew Staver and its president Anita L. Staver, who are attorneys and married to each other. Wikipedia


      American Family Association
      The American Family Association is a Protestant fundamentalist 501 organization and hate group based in the United States. It opposes LGBT rights and expression, pornography, and abortion. It also takes a position on a variety of other public policy goals. Wikipedia

      Both organizations fund raises off the cases they win and those they lose. They are driven by a desire to force everyone in the country to live by the dictates of their church / religion and by the hate they feel towards the LGBTQ+ and other minorities.

      As for rights in the constitution is a red herring. The people against some rights like to claim either a right must be explicitly mentioned in the constitution or it has to be inferred by what the founders were thinking at the time they wrote the damn thing. That is nonsense because the founders even wrote in the constitution that just because they did not mention a specific right doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. They wrote it.

      In the United States, the Ninth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects against federal infringement of unenumerated rights. The text reads: The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

      The founders who wrote the document to guide our country wanted the document to grow and develop as the country and the people grew. They intended that. It is being denied and interfered with by people that don’t want any of the social changes that upset them and they hate, they want their old ways back, their traditions. So they claim that the constitution forbids it. But that would lock the country into the late 1700s forever, never growing or expanding. That would have the US look like Islamic that deny the world has moved on since Muhammad walked the earth. That is a country no one should want. Hugs

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  2. Hi Scottie;
    Aids statistics begin with, and this is because there is a countable number!!!, BEGIN with Children and young adults 13-24. Further, Aids statistics count females. They count those who are bisexual. Elderly. Heterosexual. They count, I guess in estimation?, those who DON’T KNOW.
    AIDS doesn’t care if you are white, black, latino; it doesn’t care if you are hetero-, bi-, or homosexual; it doesn’t care if you are a woman, a man, a child or even a new-born; it doesn’t care if you are a Christian-Catholic, Protestant, Mormon, etc. It simply doesn’t care if you are republican, democrat, etc. And, go figure…. there’s numbers counted for those who are religious and suffer aids.
    What is concerning is that idiot judges and politicians believe they can stop giving medications, clean needles, condoms, etc., under a moral objection and the problem will “go away”. It just takes a managed problem and removes the “managed”.

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    1. Hello Brother. You are using reason, something these people refuse to do. Yes just like teenagers will have sex even as their parents say just say no / and preach abstinence only, adults also will have sex. It is fun and feels good. There is a reason that some illnesses that are passed by physical contact and body fluids are more prevalent in some communities more than others because those people are enjoying life and living if fully including by touching each other and in some cases also sexually. That is what prep is for, to prevent transmission of an illness / disease. These morally outraged people that claim to be pro-life want to take away lifesaving medications and denying a quality of life with enjoyment to people because they hate the way god made them? How moral. Oh the US Taliban and vice police will be so busy if these people get to take over the country. To heck with anyone else’s deeply held beliefs, only their Christian deeply (sometimes) held beliefs count. That is what they want. I posted yesterday that Alito feels it is important to convince everyone that religion deserves special privileges and priority over all other laws, but he means only his religion of course. Hugs


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