Let’s talk about Trump’s nuclear documents….

4 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Trump’s nuclear documents….

  1. I can’t talk about it. I grew up with Duck and Cover. I don’t recall the Cuban Missile Crisis, but I was two, and my mother was carrying my younger sister. It’s like-in the 80s when Reagan got elected 2x and so many of us just thought f-it, he’s gonna blow it all up. Of course it didn’t happen and hasn’t happened, but it’s as it Trump brought so many things back generations of research, work, and time. Here we are again.

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      1. Hello Ali. Yes I was in grade school at the end of the entire duck and cover taught to kids’ phase. Like hiding under an open child’s school table was going to save you from a nuclear explosion or any other real explosion. I guess fooling the public and making them think the government had a plan was comforting. I remember here in Florida when a republican governor told everyone to just put masking tape over their windows in the shape of an X for hurricanes. But you shouldn’t worry about the video, it simply tells what the document might be and what it means to both our enemies and our friends with regards to trump having it unsecured at his club home. Best wishes. Hugs

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