Scientists Just Detected A Massive Structure 60 Times Bigger Than The Milky Way!

13 thoughts on “Scientists Just Detected A Massive Structure 60 Times Bigger Than The Milky Way!

    1. Hello Nan. To learn, and to expand our understanding of everything. That is what separates us from the people 2,500 years ago that thought a worldwide flood happened. We learned that all the science doesn’t support it and it couldn’t have happened. We understand such wonders of physics that someday we might find a way to go to other stars and settle other planets. We might find wonders we never dreamed of such as new ways to generate power that not only doesn’t pollute but is incredibly cheap. Science has given us too much to turn back now. Hugs


      1. I think you may have missed my point. I FULLY support scientific studies … but I do not see the advantages of probing space to look for potential planets for humans. IMO, we are a VERY unique species that came about because the conditions were just right. To assume another planet in the galaxy has these same conditions is a pipedream — ESPECIALLY one that humans could reach and develop in their short lifetimes.

        Besides, humans have amply demonstrated that they don’t have the capability to AGREE on much of anything, so if they were to develop another planet/civilization, they would most likely destroy it as they are doing to Earth.

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        1. Hello Nan. I think you misunderstand what studying space gives us. It is not finding another world to colonize. We cannot do that right now, but we might someday as we learn / understand more about the reality we live in. Studying space has increased our understanding in a bunch of science disciplines, one of the most drastically is physics. Think how much better our technology is today because of what we had to create and learn just to do the explorations we have done up to now. Just the few weeks / month that the Web telescope has been online has opened up new ideas of the universe than we had before. We know now that the universe is far bigger than we thought. I think of the many things we use daily that were created for the space industry and NASA, and how that information has improved even to the point where we have created bacteria that can eat oils spilled into the oceans. What we created in the 1960s is now thought of as quaint compared to the increases in understanding and knowledge.

          Yes I did misunderstand your point because I don’t see the study and exploration of space as simply finding another planet to run to when we finally destroy this one too much to live on anymore. I go back to my first reply, it increases our knowledge and understanding that we have of reality itself that we live in, it gives us the tools to know that what our ancestors thought were totally wrong. When you look at the difference between what we knew about reality 2,500 years ago to today, even 300 years ago to what we know today, what we may understand so much better in just 50 years could open such world of possibilities as to make dreams possible. The limit is only to what we are willing to learn, what costs we are willing to spend on it, and what we think is important for the future. Yes I see the future as an unlimited world of possible wonder, we just have to make sure the regressive right that want to deny education and revert understanding back to when their holy book was the supreme authority of learning are not successful in derailing our progress. Hugs


          1. Your first statement is almost an insult. No, I do NOT “misunderstand what studying space gives us.”

            However, I’m not sure I agree with you on the scope of what these studies have provided. Definitely it’s helped us to see our place in the universe and how Earth is affected by external forces. However, I do question the extended searching into “the universe” as I don’t see it doing anything for humanity. IMO, our primary focus should be on using science to protect and help Earth since the PEOPLE sure aren’t doing much along these lines. Perhaps once (and if) humans are able to stop ruining our world, then we can look upward and outward.

            You write: what we may understand so much better in just 50 years could open such world of possibilities as to make dreams possible. And I can’t help but wonder what “dreams” you are talking about? Space travel? I’ve already shared my thoughts on this. Improvement of our lives and surroundings? Then, yes … increased understanding would undoubted make many of our dreams possible.

            I agree that studying and expanding our knowledge of SCIENCE –as related to humanity and this planet– is not only a benefit, but it’s pretty much a necessity if we want to continue surviving. I just don’t agree that studying other planets (and potentially moving humans to one of them) should be the prime directive.

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            1. Hello Nan. Just one benefit to exploring space is the fact the world we live on is running out of the elements we need to keep our civilization running. The asteroids are full of those elements, minerals, metals. Our current exploration is helping us figure out how to get them from where they are to where we are.

              Clearly we disagree on the benefits of space exploration including the studying of distant galaxies and stars. We may never go to them; we may never need to. But that really is not the point in studying space, deep space, and other planets. But it is true that trying to learn about them has not only increased the knowledge we have in different science fields, but has created new devices and kinds of tools that we now use for other things. In just 50 years I think of what has changed, and then I remember my grandfather watching the shuttle with me. He had lived in a time when everyone used horses for transportation and work. Then the first cars and farm trucks. To the space shuttle. That was only over 70 years. Think of what the next 70 years might bring. The more we study the planets and galaxies we learn about new particles and different forms of matter or energy. Maybe we could use dark energy to solve the world’s energy needs. That is what I mean by making dreams possible. But all of these advance come from trying to do things we can’t do or understand things we don’t know. And to me that is not limited to just the space around this planet as we would have missed a lot of what we understand now if we had not realized the universe did not work according to the rules we had written for it to work by.

              The idea of studying space to move humans is not what real space science is about. It is what Elon Musk is talking about as he wants to go to Mars, and it is a thing that we may need to do in the future as Jeff Bezos says if something happens to kill all the people here wouldn’t it be great to have humans living elsewhere. But that is a side show to the real benefits of studying other worlds. To see what the benefits are I googled two things. “What has space exploration done for us” and “how can studying other planets help us understand earth”. My dog that loves gravy even I did not realize how much we got out of those studies. I won’t list them here as it would triple the length of this which is already getting long. But without opening any web pages but just the blurbs I got lists of things that have been improved here on earth from being in space or studying it. Plus the list of devices created by the needs of space exploration included things I did not even realize were because of that, like wireless headsets, LED lighting, portable cordless vacuums, freeze-dried foods, memory foam, scratch-resistant eyeglass lenses to name a few.

              Anyway we all have our own priorities and ideas of what use somethings are. As you say about videos, to each their own. Hugs

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  1. This won’t be quite as OT for the thread as the last link I left earlier. This one is “The review on women in STEM: a physicist’s perspective” at . The stories I thought of posting last night are on Cosmos, along with so many more. I get a daily email from them. Every/anyone take a look when you feel like it! It’s a good little newsletter, and well-written, in my experience. Enjoy!

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    1. Hello Ali. Thanks for the link. It is grand that more people are being welcomed into different fields that were normally thought of as just for white men. Sadly there is a lot more work to do before we get to real equality. But the article was a great sign of the advances being made by people like her. It also is thanks to people like her that stuck to it without let the men run her out and made it possible for others to follow her. Hugs

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            1. Hello Ali. They were the product of their time and the things they read in books. Most of the ideas they expressed were in the youth books and cartoon comics of the time. Automation and robots were the common theme, and people having either lives of leisure or their being so many people no one would have anything. And the idea of living under the sea was one of the first books I can remember reading as a child. But yes they did get it right because all of that except the nuclear wars, which may come yet. Hugs

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