WOW: Michelle Obama delivers SPEECH OF THE YEAR that TRUMP needs to hear

Former First Lady Michelle Obama on Wednesday took a much-needed swipe at disgraced ex-President Donald Trump, highlighting the significance of a peaceful transition of power in American democracy. Francis Maxwell reports.

7 thoughts on “WOW: Michelle Obama delivers SPEECH OF THE YEAR that TRUMP needs to hear

    1. Hello Ali. She is genuine. Something missing from decent people in public life these days. The right-wing people are genuine in their hate and their wish to overturn democracy. They are quite proud of their hate. But the left has a problem looking authentic to the people. Michelle Obama is very herself, unapologetically and openly a caring loving person, and also a black woman raising black children in a racist nation. She is the woman next door, she is the person we all want to have coffee with, she is the person that even if we disagree with her we would still say she is nice. But people should understand that there is a lot of steel underneath her soft gloves. She hates politics and I can understand why. Hugs

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      1. Hello Ali. And that lack of ego and ambition to rule over others is why she would be so great at it. Too many of the people who are running for office today don’t see the serving the people part of the job. They see only the perks and the chance to get rich while telling others how to live. They don’t want to do the will of the people; they want the people to do their will. Hugs

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    1. Hello Nan. What makes her so desirable as a possible president is not just all she is, but the fact that she has publicly said she hates politics and the way it works. She has made it clear she wants no part of the political system we have in the US. She doesn’t want to campaign for others, and she doesn’t want to be a candidate. She would be the perfect person to be in the office because she doesn’t like the game and doesn’t want to play it. Hugs

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