Florida Paper Roasts DeSantis For Dodging Debates – JMG

The republicans gaming the system are getting scary.    They clearly do not want democracy, they want white Christian male rule over the country.    Simply put they want power for themselves and only them.   They don’t want what the US use to be, they don’t want what it was becoming, they want an authoritarian single party rule with each of them thinking they will get a chunk of the country to rule over and grift from making them lords of their own mini kingdoms.  They want to be Oligarchs.   I think if we don’t stop them and do so hard we are watching the end of the US democratic experiment.    Hugs  OT.  My back is so bad I can hardly breathe.  Even sitting in my best chair has been hard the last four days.    We tried going from every month of steroid trigger point injections to every two months.   It is not going to work.   I will soon be going to bed again.     Hugs

From the South Florida Sun-Sentinel editorial board:

The tough guy in the flight helmet is afraid of Charlie Crist. “Never, ever back down from a fight,” Gov. Ron DeSantis insists in a campaign ad. Then he runs away from an invitation to debate Crist on statewide television. Considering DeSantis’ obvious vulnerabilities in a format he can’t control — especially on the subjects of abortion and guns — his debate avoidance strategy may be politically savvy. But it cheats Florida voters. It shows how he loathes transparency. It’s bad for democracy.

Florida’s “Decision 2022: Before You Vote” debate series looks impressive with its statewide alliance of 10 television stations from Miami to Pensacola, coalition of prominent sponsors across the political spectrum, statewide public radio hookup and a national rebroadcast on C-SPAN. Crist accepted, but DeSantis chose an alternative that’s comically insignificant by comparison: a live evening debate Oct. 12 on WPEC, Channel 12, the CBS affiliate in West Palm Beach.

Read the full editorial. As the paper notes, not only does that single local station reach a small audience (which includes, notably, Mar-A-Lago), it’s owned by the pro-Trump outfit Sinclair.

a live evening debate Oct. 12 on WPEC, Channel 12, the CBS affiliate in West Palm Beach.

This way he can keep licking Herr Drumpf’s…… (Choose the anatomical part!)

DeSantis is a Texas sized bag of blathering, ultra right bullshit.


It’s likely that he’s a malignant narcissist like Trump. Narcissists never debate, they just attack. They’re afraid someone will discuss their real problems, and they’re far to cowardly to allow that.


And a chickenshit if he’s actually confronted on his fucked up politics. His MO is to squash all dissent where possible. Afraid to be challenged on all of the actual issues in FloridDuh.

Conservatives are only “tough” inside their bubble/echo chamber.

I think that in cases where the republicans refuse to debate, they should hold the debate anyway. Just roll in a monitor screen and set it up behind their podium. Ask the same questions to the live debater and the monitor, but show past comments on the monitor by the missing candidate that more or less address their stances on the issues. In Herschel Walker’s case, it would be comic relief and we could sure use some of that.



He’s “popular” here with the MAGAts for his fuck everyone but white Christian men attitude. He’s a cruel motherfucker and his MAGAt followers get off on that.

Bullies are all cowards who degrade and pick on others they know are in some way weaker. When a bully is confronted by a perceived equal or greater, they run.

In a state wide debate, if Crist did well and stuck to hammering issues, he could flip that. The Rethuglicunts are well aware of the need to not end up in debates where their complete lack of substance and platform are layed bare. State simply and clearly what they have done and to whom. Then ask them why they hate their constituents and America so much. Then reference their recent past websites, of course now sanitized of all the horrible shit they have done or support doing to the people and states if they are elected and see if they win.

He, like so many of them know that if they actually tell people what they are up to they are screwed.

Crist should go to the debate and if Death Sentence doesn’t show, simply answer the questions put to him by the moderator. Can’t beat free campaign ads, right? Because that’s what such an appearance would essentially be.

So the alpha dog turns out to be another whiney little bitch with his tail tucked between his legs. How republican of him.

Now if only his supporters would engage in some critical thinking and ponder why Death Sentence is cowering from the prospect of debating his opponent in a forum he can’t control. But…Florida. ‘Nuf said!

I’m betting that many people in FL are so dumb that they wouldn’t even know what the issues are that are facing Floridians statewide anyway. All he needs to do is show up in “Top Gun” drag and they’ll vote for him anyway because Floriduh.

He just needs a paycheck until 2024, and he doesn’t really care if he wins because he plans to run for preznit in 2 years against the Dotard. The debate against Crist is less of a thing than debating Trump, who is his true adversary keeping him out of the Office he truly wants.


“If he loses his own reelection as governor, it won’t help his perceived invincibility as a GQP president nominee.”

I don’t think he considers Crist as a serious opponent. Even Gillum was more popular in 2018 than Crist in 2022, Crist is not the choice of people seeking something new, he’s the choice of the old folks over young people who were too lazy to bother to come to the Dem primaries last month. Nikki Fried would have mopped the floor with DeSantis if the election was about the actual issues,, but she actually required people” who think” to understand her political positions and her data points as state treasurer. Unlike Crist, she didn’t understand that many Floridians actually prefer idiots in government because reality is such a bummer dude. If it’s the same crowd in 2022 that voted in 2018, I’m not optimistic.

Poll: Andrew Gillum leads Ron DeSantis by +6 in Florida 2018 governor’s race


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