More Supreme Court Justice MALARKY

This is a virtual YouTuber I enjoy a lot and have followed from his early days of debunking religion to his branching out into other topics.   A virtual YouTuber is one who uses an avatar and a background rather than just themselves on camera.   This YouTuber is a cis straight male so don’t get thrown off by his female cat avatar.   The start of this he always does three or so drawing people send him of his character over the years and I think it is silly and stupid but the majority of his followers seem to love it.   I will start the video after that.   Well it seems I can not do that, so please skip to time stamp 3:33 for the part of the video I want to share.  *** it seems to have worked, the video starts at the correct place.  ***    This is a breakdown of Justice Alito’s speech in Rome and it is scary how he sees religion and its place in the US society.    He wants religion to have a priority place and be above all other concerns in the political and daily life of the people.   Follow along paragraph by paragraph as Alito says how everything else in society including personal rights and freedoms must bow to religion and its dictates.   Alito is a full on Taliban theocrat.    Hugs

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