What Rain Drops Actually Look Like

That fabled tear-shaped raindrop may make for a good color-by-numbers, but the truth is that raindrops are a lot more complicated and far less pointy. Hosted by: Michael Aranda

4 thoughts on “What Rain Drops Actually Look Like

  1. Interesting … to a point. But what I was drawn to were the guy’s hands … and as I watched him (and he’s not the only one) … I wondered what would happen if speakers were forbidden from using their hands!! Egads!

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    1. Hello Nan. 😀😁😆 Really I missed the constant movement of his hands, see I was watching his face. I find him very good looking and he has gotten better looking over the years I have been watching his videos. But of course, I watch him for the science information. 😋😛😜🤩😎

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