THE WASHINGTON POST: Russia confirms big retreat near Kharkiv as Ukraine offensive advances

Russia confirms big retreat near Kharkiv as Ukraine offensive advances
Russia’s defense ministry confirmed a major retreat from Izyum and other occupied areas of Kharkiv region as a Ukrainian offensive shifted momentum in the war

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6 thoughts on “THE WASHINGTON POST: Russia confirms big retreat near Kharkiv as Ukraine offensive advances

  1. What is noteworthy about this war is that for decades we assumed the armies of the USSR and then Russia, when fighting on a level playing field. IE flat European Plains would sweep forward as their forebears had done during the latter stages of WWII, having learnt some very hard lessons in 1941 & 1942.
    And yet the Command Structure and the Political Control have shown themselves to be reminiscent of 1941 and early 1942. Short on initiative, Command & Control but weighty on confusion and information for the front-line troops.
    The ghosts of the generals and lesser officers of WWII must be shaking their heads or rolling in the graves, while those men who served in Afghanistan and then in the early Chechnya wars might well weep forth another generation thrown away.
    An army motivated and careful with its sparse weaponry fighting on its home ground is most dangerous to a poorly led foe.

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    1. Hello Roger. Yes it was an eye opener how far from the myth of Russia military might they have fallen in reality. They are clearly no longer a serious threat to NATO at all and are a paper tiger. It was a mistake for Putin to let the world know the country’s true military strength or lack of. Years of the generals and others selling off the military assets and skimming off the military funds has now been laid clear. The years of his spy agencies lying to the government to get extra money and easy living have caused a lot of misconceptions for Russia in how they would be perceived in Ukraine. But like trump Putin can never admit he was wrong or made a mistake. So here we are. I seriously hope the west gets behind Ukraine fully and drives Russia out of all of the Ukrainian territory they have illegally seized. Hugs

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      1. This is, very much, Scottie, something out of history. Four invisible foes of an army.
        Vanity Projects
        Russia, though is not done yet. The nightmares are several:
        1. In desperation the command structure turns to the NBC strategy which will ramp everything up.
        2. Putin ‘retires’ and an ultra nationalist takes hold then calls up full mobilisation.
        3. The West loses faith in the whole business – one which suits the attritional mentality of Putin, who is gambling on that.
        Based on the current evidence to hand, best case scenario, which is not good – a long haul war for maybe a year or so which stutters into an ill-defined ‘peace deal’. With the world in general split into Anti-Russia (mostly West); Pro-Russia (mostly Third World); and We’ve our own problems.
        Not good in anyway.

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        1. Hello Roger. I doubt Putin will authorize the use of nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons. He has to know / understand that would bring the US and other countries in full force. I am sure the US and other countries are working behind the scenes to get the anti-Putin word out in Russia, to get the word out how bad the war is going now. I am seeing more and more former Putin supporters weirdly falling from high places or off ships at sea. I am hearing that news sources are being more openly critical of the war. That cannot be a coincidence? Hugs

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          1. We hope so Scottie, but in wars there can be fearful miscalculations and even more worrying a dread logic which is not normal to ordinary life.
            Meanwhile I agree, we can be sure the shadowy folk will be working their skills we often question but sometimes wish them well.
            As for the sudden deaths, this is something which harks back to Cold War era, some folk in the nations within the Soviet Sphere did fall off places or ‘take their own lives- due to (apparently) mental health issues’
            What Putin does not want to hear about is Czar Nicholas and WWI….

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