Going to try

I have been benched since nearly passing out from pain yesterday. My assignment is to stay inside and make sure the ice machine powered by the generator keeps running. Ron and James are doing what the can for repair and temporary fixes. Every one is tired, sore, sunburned, frustrated, and worried. Every repair or fix find more issues and concerns. The south wall took hard impacts that snapped the studs and the entire wall is rippled with the siding smashed or split. We had a contractor friend of James come by and give us an estimate and as of right now he says that the repairs as best he could see right now were about 25 to 30 grand. I will explain more later but tonight I am so bummed and upset because while some people around us have power we had to put gas in our generator because we couldn’t get propane. Anyway going to sign off and try to find some news before going to bed. Hugs

6 thoughts on “Going to try

    1. Hello Mary. Thank you. I am sorry it took until now to figure out how to approve your comment. We are getting more emotionally sound and less fragile in our daily life. We are glad to have stores that are stocked, food to eat, power from the generator, and we can live in part of our home. Hugs

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