BBC NEWS: Hurricane Ian: They stayed for the storm – what happens now?

Punta Gorda Is the next town up from us so we got what the got. We are in North Fort Myers between Fort Myers and Punta Gorda. I understand everything in this article. Ron is tired. He has fought all his life to make things better and gotten knocked back and down repeatedly. He was tired rebuilding this place before but it was feeling like it was becoming what we wanted. Now Ron has lost hope and feels overwhelmed. My going down yesterday didn’t help his feelings as he feel’s this is hurting me bad. But it is hurting all of us I tell him I just had five days of over doing. Like 30 hours behind the wheel of a vehicle and spending a night trying to sleep in the van in a parking lot. So much more. But we had no information. No one in management came to the park to tell us anything. No workers to help. Neighbors helped each other. We made communal food places in each area and we all brought what supplies we had. We dipped buckets in the pool to get water to pour into toilets when the desperately needed flushing. With no sewer system working we had to be careful not to fill the lines or it would backup into the homes. Not on persons in authority came by to check on us or tell us anything. We feel forgotten and expendable. We may lose the house we may not be able to afford t fix it. Then we’re do we go. How at this point d we l Hugs

Hurricane Ian: They stayed for the storm – what happens now?
Florida residents face tough choices about whether to stay or leave in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.

Read in BBC News:

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14 thoughts on “BBC NEWS: Hurricane Ian: They stayed for the storm – what happens now?

  1. I have been worried about you and Ron during this terrible time and am grieved to read of this disaster which has come upon for Scottie.
    Words on Social Media do not repair homes, nor heal hurts, so there will be nothing trite here.
    I am so sorry for you both.

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  2. My dear friend Scottie … as Roger said, words do not heal hurts nor repair homes, but I want you and Ron to know that I’m glad to hear you’re both alive, but so so sad to hear about the damage to your home and selves. I will only add my love and a huge HUG.

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    Setting politics aside today, I want to share our dear friend Scottie’s post. Scottie and his husband Ron have survived Hurricane Ian, but not without damage to both their home and themselves. My heart goes out to them and I feel helpless to do anything other than express my genuine love and concern. Please keep Scottie and Ron in your hearts, for they have been through so much, with more to come.

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  4. It’s never easy, in the face of the storm, to leave or to, stay, after all, what you are, about to, leave behind, might get, destroyed, so, most of us, usually, choose to, ride thrm out, to find, shelter in our own, homes…

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  5. Do what you can, Scottie, not what you cannot. Celebrate the accomplisnments, no matter how small. Be there for Ron, and let him be there for you.
    The words are meaningless, I know. I just thought someone had to say something.

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    1. Hello Rawgod. Words of wisdom. In the end we all only have our relationship and love for each other. Yes the good things are important to understand, but it still hurts with every struggle. Ron tried to take a shower today and the water was so cold he couldn’t do it. He asked me to wash him with water warmed on the hot plate. In another time it would have been something done for fun, this time it was just part of living our life now. They wont give us any idea when the power will come back on. As others have said these things will pass and things will get better, we just have to keep it together until then. But it seems every set back gets harder to deal with. Thanks and warm hugs.

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      1. I wish I had some real words of wisdom for you, Scottie. Tell Ron, under these circumstances, it’s okay to be odiferous for awhile. Life will probably get worse before it gets better. I hope not, though. Cherish each other. All else can be replaced, i time.

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  6. I read this post via a link from Jill Dennison. What can I say except how sorry I am to read it. Wherever in the world disaster strikes I hear that communities come together to support each other and find solutions w, people of other countries rise to the occasion and send help if they can and the authorities are paralysed for some reason. By telling the world through your blog you have raised the awareness of people like me (I live in rural Wales, UK) and shamed the people who abandoned you and your community. Continue to support each other and especially Ron and take it one day at a time. You need to grieve for the damage to yourselves, the damage to your homes and the damage to your trust in the wider world. Virtual hugs, Sue

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