Have water but not drink able

We just got water back and I can use the side that comes from our filter to wash and rinse dishes but it needs to boiled before and real use. But we can flush the toilets. That is grand we were using pool water after the toilets got so high / stinky that we couldn’t stand it because the sewage lift stations were off line and once the pipes filled up it would start backing up into the lowest homes on the line. We still have no electricity but we have the generator. My back has had enough and took a vacation far away. I can’t stand upright and I am slowly washing dishes sitting on a stool. The blog and my replies to comments are done for now. It is a struggle just to get through the day. I did have a nice young man and his girlfriend come over and not only take the aluminum on the ground but go up on the roof to cut away all the pealed roof and do other things to help me. Yes they got the aluminum to recycle and make money off but he didn’t have to do all the other work that made them no money. I took them cold water and they said that if possible they would come back to check on me. I told them that I had Ron and James but they were at urgent care because James sliced his hand on the metal. They gave me their numbers and said if I needed anything to contact them.

17 thoughts on “Have water but not drink able

  1. Indeed, there are good people out there and it is in times like this that we really notice (and need) them. Rest, Scottie … we’re all thinking of you and Ron. I wish we could be there to help. Hugs

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    1. Hello Jill. These are really good people, and damn hard workers. Yesterday we got pizzas and for every large you get a small cheese pizza. So James was headed out to offer them a slice and Ron yelled James just give them the pizza. They were stunned. Look it is a free pizza it is not great, but they have been out here working all day and we never seen them take a break. I have repeatedly took them cold water. One day when I did not have cold bottles of water I took them the red reusable glasses full of ice (our generator is able to run our counter ice machine) and a few bottles of water. Angie was so excited she called Adam over to give him some, she kept saying “he brought us ice, he brought us ice” They were stunned someone would do that for them. I am sorry are we at this point in our country when people trying to clean things up and working their asses off are thrilled that someone that has cold water would share it? Jill I have a lot of people who really want to help. Randy has sent me tarps I needed and he also sent propane tanks for the grill. He is a grand person and a wonderful brother. He wanted to send food and other things. But the truth is we simply have to endure what we are in, and I love the wonderful people that want to help but the truth is most of what we need is help from the government and we need that desperately but neither the park management nor the government of Florida is offering us any help. Thanks again. If I get to that point I will put out a call for help. But it really is not your responsibility and I wouldn’t do that to you except in an extreme emergency. Thanks again, loves and hugs.

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      1. I do hope you get the help you need, but Scottie … you know my email address … if you need anything that is within my capability, PLEASE email me … I will do whatever I can to help. Love ‘n hugs, dear friend.

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    1. Hello Keith. I am sure there is a quote about challenges making a person better. Crap on that. All it has done is make us more irritable and willing to lash out at each other. It has caused poor Ron to doubt ever move he makes and decision he has done. Yes the water on was grand because instead of getting yucky pool water filled with debris we now can flush when the toilets fill up with poop. But the fact is one of the workers for the park stopped to talk with us. She knows we don’t blame her and that we care about her personal situation. During our talk she mentioned she can not pick up trash again as the trash compactor is still with out power and she has no where to put the trash she picks up. She did not say she was being attacked by people in the park about it, but we could tell. How is it this workers fault, her own home is damaged and with out power, yet she came to work. That is what we are facing. A woman stopped yesterday in front of the big pile of debris that James and Ron have cleared out of our yard front and back and told James it was unsightly and we should remove it. She is lucky to have drove off before Ron got out there are James told him of it. We had one woman whose power was restored complain about those of us still running generators as it kept her from sleeping at night. Oh I tried to find her as I wanted a conversation with her on that but the people wouldn’t tell me and Ron dragged me away. But as you say we are making steps forward but can we keep doing this before we run out of money to feed the generator? Hugs


      1. A POX on these idiots! Especially that poor, poor lady who can’t sleep because of the generators. Tsk. Tsk. So you who have no power should just sit in the dark and starve, yes? GRRRR!

        Unfortunately, it’s events like this that show the TRUE nature of some people. And it’s not always positive!!

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        1. Hello Nan. Yes. And it is in adversity we find out the people we are. I am proud I worked helping the guys until I couldn’t stand. Then sat on a stool doing dishes when we got running water. I am proud of all of us who are handling our insecurities, our frustrations, our fears with out lashing out at each other. I am worried about Ron, he has taken so many emotional / ego hits and is already upset about his age and health slowing him down. He is so discouraged. Today was our real anniversary. And he cried this is not the life he wanted to give us. It is hard on him, he has rebuild this house so many times, he doesn’t know if he has another time in him. But we will keep going, as I told him together we have survived this long and we will do so in the future, making it what we want it to be. Hugs

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    1. Hello Roger. James has a well bandaged finger and a bandaged toe. I love the man and accept his moody emotional issues but there is no doubt he loves us and has done everything he could to save the house and protect Ron and I. Worried we wouldn’t eat well enough he brought to large cases of MREs from the airport employees emergency center home and asked us to eat them. He loves us and shows it in his way. But damn it I blame the government and the owners of the park for not doing anything to help us. Hugs

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        1. Hello Roger. I doubt many on this blog know of our history with James, I posted a lot of it on my other blog. When we moved in to the park in 2004 we met two boys one 13 and one 12. The 13 year old was the son of the park manager and his wife. The other as the son of one of the office workers. What we soon came to understand was that the manager hated the boy and his mother as a good catholic agreed with every sadistic punishment then man wanted to inflict on the boy. Ron and I opened our RV for him, I got him his first library card and took him to the library to get books, until the step dad found out how much the boy enjoyed it and that stopped. The child was in a private church school yet got dropped off several hours early by his mother and was required to stay until 6 PM 3 hours after school to be picked up because the step father simply hated the boy and he was not allowed to be in the home unless the mother was there. When the boy was in the home he was required to be in his bedroom. The step father would punish him by claiming he had been bad and so couldn’t open his Christmas presents for weeks after Christmas but made him sit there while his mother and step father opened theirs. One other thing, the parents often went out to eat but the boy never went with them, and he never ate at the table with them in the home but was made to stay in his room and after they finished eating was allowed to come out and eat then he was made to clean it all up and do the dishes. Do I know this for a fact, the two times I was at the home for meals the boy was in his underwear in his room and not allowed to come out to eat. When I asked the mother about this she confirmed that was the orders of the step father. That was the boys life, we called him the rabbit in a cage.

          I was going crazy because with my past I had been abused and alarm bells were going off in my head. But James said they never touched him or hit him, and in order to help him we had to stay friendly with his mother. We threw him his only birthday party where several of us in the park arranged with a pizza place to have a party there and we gave him a new bike. The only bike the kid ever had and we did not know the step father took it from him after he got home. We bought him his school clothing because he was going to school in ripped pants, and we found out later that he was getting monthly payments from the government due to his real dad being a service member who died in the service, but the step dad was taking it as the price of his living in the home. I started picking him up from school so he did not have to sit there for four hours, doing so with his mothers permission. The boy started spending every day / hour not at school at our home. When he was about 15 or so he started spending all day during the summer at our home as he was not allowed to go home. So when he was not at school, he was with us. During the summers he lived at our home. About then he told us that he had no computer to do his school work on so I built him a laptop. It almost got taken from him but I had a talk with his step dad over it. That was about the time he came to us with a broken wrist. I had seen his step dad raise his hand to hit him years before and I stepped between them and told the step dad I would gladly kill him if I found out he hurt the boy and wouldn’t mind going to prison for doing it. He never hit the boy. But this was driving me crazy, Ron had the boy explain it to him how it happened over and over then talked to the ICU doctors he worked with. They all said it could have happened that way. But now we had a new problem. The boy had a computer but the parents wouldn’t let him use their router. I bought a new router for him and after arguing with the mother we reached a deal, I would give it to them but they could turn it off at “bed time”. Ron and I were getting very tired of the games. It came to ahead when James turned 18 and his monthly check from the government stopped and the step father tried to order him out of the house. Again his mother a good catholic woman took the side of her husband over her son. I organized the entire community against them. If they had turned him out before graduation the entire park would have gone after them. The boy had always talked about going to college so when he moved out to start college we thought things were OK now. We kept in touch and the boy told about how great things were, but when we would take him out to eat he gathered up all the left overs he could. Some time later while at work Ron came to me all upset. James had called him, he was sitting on a curb with no place to call home because he couldn’t pay the rent and the landlord had thrown him out, he owed the college tuition and couldn’t go back to school and he wanted to die. Ron was in a lot of pain and asked me what to do. I told him to call James and tell him we had two hours left in our shift and then we would be by to take him and his stuff home. He lived with us for years. Then Ron and I grew concerned that he really had no idea what life was on his own. So we asked him to move out for a few years. Five years later he sat in our living room and explained what he made working every hour he could and how much rent was and he simply couldn’t find a place to live. Ron looked at me and I nodded and asked James if he was ready to move back home. Damn I never seen him smile so hard and be so happy in all the time I knew him. That is the story of us and James. An unloved boy except by two gay guys that opened up their home and heart to him. Some times we call him our son but I prefer to just call him a member of our family. Hugs

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          1. How heart warming and wonderful you guys were to James and were indeed parents to him.
            I understand why you are an atheist Scottie, but in my book, there are places waiting for you two ‘up there’.
            Indulge me to give you this biblical quote
            Matthew 25:
            V 34-40
            34 “Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world.
            35 For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in,
            36 I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’

            37 “Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink?
            38 When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you?
            39 When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’

            40 “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

            There are a whole lot who think there are chrisrians this does not apply to.

            Take care you guys.
            Sheila & Roger

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            1. I agree, Roger, there are far more atheists than Christians who tend to demonstrate the scriptures you provided. In too many instances, believers are much too focused on condemning others than they are in truly following what’s written in their holy book.

              Of course, from my personal perspective, there are going to be those who treat others with love and concern whether they are believers or not … just as there are believers who could care less.

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              1. Quite Nan.
                A common exchange in our house is
                ‘They are going have some explaining to do when they get Up There’
                (My own questionable taste joke- depending on your views, relates to the Catholic concept of Purgatory- a place where if you’ve been..’.not so bad’ you spend time making up for your minorish sins before being ‘Allowed In’
                With reference to my own 45+ years in public service if I do get into Purgatory I will be on the Service Desk having to listen to the whining of those going to The Bad Place insisting they did ‘no wrong’ and me being expected to explain politely, carefully and reasonably to each one of them that ‘Yes they did do wrong and what those wrongs were’
                For thousands and thousands and thousands of years – and then some).

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                1. Roger that would be a punishment. I have never understood why some people feel it is OK to be rude to government workers. Yes some are rather rude first but they made have had a jerk for their last interaction. I have found if you greet the person you are talking to and ask about them / their day before you launch into your own needs it sets a good tone for a polite conversation. Often what someone is calling about is not the fault of the person you are talking to, so why take your grievance out on them.
                  I think my purgatory would be to have to listen to right wing media and other horrible incorrect news for eternity. I would rather go to hell because as I understand it all my friends will be there. 😃😂😇. Hugs

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