A Georgia teacher openly bragged about trying to…

Goes with out saying that if a Muslim did this they would have been fired and the right would be screaming to highest heavens. The last was a joke OKAY, there is no heaven but you get the point. I get tired of Christians thinking their god / religion gives them a pass to do illegal actions, push their god on others, violate other parents rights, and basically grant themselves the right to create an alternate reality and insist it is the one we all have to live in. Hugs


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3 thoughts on “A Georgia teacher openly bragged about trying to…

  1. Trying to convert folk to Christianity is arguable what all Christians should be about. BUT by example and scripture (The Word of The Lord- properly read, meditated on and absorbed- it’s not to be undertaken lightly- or narrowly)
    Coercion- wrong! That’s not bringing the Message of Christ unto a person.
    Bragging- No way! That’s showing off, not Christ’s way at all!
    This guy is not bringing The Message

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    1. Hello Roger. A couple of the most religious men I ever met never talked about god or Jesus. But they lived their life’s in a way that made people admire them. I did as a kid. They were calm, generous, caring, patience to other, and so many other things. I never heard either of these men say a bad word about anyone. The closest one of them came to it was when I graduated the church boarding school he sat me down and explained I had to think about how I acted and behaved so I did not give a bad example or be a “stumbling block” to any of the other people especially kids that might look up to me as an adult. I did not feel much like an adult. He wanted me to go to divinity school to become a SDA Pastor. Knowing I was gay I left the church before it could come out and took the only option available to me, I joined the US military. So I understand what you are saying and agree with you entirely. Hugs

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