Armed Extremists To “Protect” AZ Ballot Drop Boxe…

When they say protect, what they really mean is they are going to prevent the people they don’t like from voting and try to to only allow those like them to vote. How will they do this. By being clearly thugs armed with guns making a show of checking people out at the drop box. This is clearly voter intimidation and is very illegal. But as this is happening in AZ that has become run by an increasingly fringe group of conspiracy people it will be over look how illegal this is. I am concern that these small minority groups of violent thugs / fringe conspiracy theory people are taking over the Republican Party in these states and end up actually running parts of the government in these states. It is like how the religious fanatics took over Iran and now the people are protesting for more freedom and less religion in their daily lives and the religious theocracy government is killing the people to stay in charge. Because staying in charge and pleasing their view of a god that gives men all the rights to abuse women and children is what really is important to them. It is like the Republican Party loyalist religious leaders in the US who harp constantly on how evil abortion is and that it is killing babies, that people who do it should be jailed for murder yet are willing to look the other way on Herschel Walker paying for an abortion and having multiple women with children by them is pro family values simple because it lets them gain control of the Senate. It is now and always has been about power, their personal power. The power for white men to do as they wish and be automatically assumed to be above women and all minorities. It is about the Republican Party being in charge and having the power to enrich themselves on the public tab while removing regulations to increase profit for their big money donors. Hugs

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