Hate Crime: Cultist Threatened To Kill Amazon Dri…

This is the world the republican white Christian nationalist want to recreate. A world run by white male religious thugs. A country where white male Taliban moral police get to enforce the things they want and stop anything they hate. How does this guy think the driver knew anything about the neighborhood? it did not matter, what mattered is that the driver was black and did not come with his hat in his hand with tail between his legs to ask a white man permission to enter to do his FUCKING JOB! I hate what the Republican Party is doing to my country. Wish I could do more, but I cooked Ron and my lunch of MREs and while the idea is good, both of ours came out to cold. What mine said it was was not what was in the package. Tomorrow we will take our 8 large kitchen bags of laundry to any open laundromat we can find and spend all the change we can scrounge because our bank is not open yet to clean what clothing we can to keep going. Oh yes DeathSantis is spending the covid money to send migrants to blue states and the recovery funds to give the state a gas tax touting how great he is for the state, both which the republicans voted against. I am so tired. Hugs


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5 thoughts on “Hate Crime: Cultist Threatened To Kill Amazon Dri…

    1. Hello Nan. Yes you are correct. And I have to keep telling my self that. The first night spent in a parking lot knowing that my office was destroyed and not knowing what else was, trying to sleep after driving to the east coast of Florida and back having been in the car since about 1 AM that morning, the cat crying in the back of the van, Ron not able to sleep due to not having his c-pap, which we could not power in the vehicle we had but could have in the vehicular we left. The first couple of days were horrible and so very painful with no relief and everyone on edge. It is just a steady grind now. I am starting to think and reason again. I was so emotional and brain numb for days. Trying hard to get back to normal, but have to be careful as everyone is on edge. Hugs

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    1. Hello Roger. Thank you. We had an adventure is the best way to describe it. I use to say that life was an adventure and I treated it that way. But that was when we were a lot younger and I was in better health. At our age I have less romantic ideas of adventures. Hugs

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