Marijuana legalization winner

10 thoughts on “Marijuana legalization winner

  1. This is not surprising; however, in “my day,” such actions would have been unheard of! “Weed” was mightily condemned! Especially among churches. Times DO change. Sometimes for the good … sometimes for the bad. 😁

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    1. Hello Nan. No offense but that has been a point I have been making about having politicians in their late 70s up to 95 who are running for another 6 year term. They can not real ate the country as it is now, they want it to be as it was in their heydays, their prime age. You have people like Jerome Powell the 80+ year old fed chair cranking up interest rates to sabotage the employment rate because that is the only tool they ever used in the past to stop inflation. Robert Reich has a few different ways to do that, to lower inflation that wouldn’t be done on the backs of the lower incomes and workers. Things like stopping stock buy backs and stuff. But that hits the wealthy and investors who must not be harmed in anyway. The inequality these wealthy love so much has to end for the good of the country. Let someone in their 30s to 50s manage the country for a while. Hugs

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      1. Oh I’m not at all offended! I know –and accept– that things have changed. And the one thing we’re TOTALLY in agreement on is that we DESPERATELY need some new –and younger– blood in government. Unfortunately, it tends to be the “older crowd” that goes to the polls and too many of them are just as stuck in the “old days” as the octogenarian politicians.

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        1. Hello Nan. Very correct. When I ask younger people why they don’t vote they say because it doesn’t matter, nothing changes for the good of them, it just gets worse every day in their struggle. They don’t see that a lot of the fact that nothing changes for them is because they don’t vote. But that is because civics, the system of government and how it works stopped buying taught in schools in the late 1980s. Most young people 30 or so and younger have no clue how the government works and how voting is important in their lives. They have never seen change that benefits them, they have never seen changes that the corrupt corporate government has done that makes their lives better so they ignore it. James stunned Ron and I the other day by telling us that news was only gossip. He doesn’t follow any news or waste his time on it and accused Ron and I of loving gossip because we both like to stay informed. He wouldn’t accept anything we said on the subject. Now he might be extreme but it seems that others his age feel the same way. And that is what the destruction of the public school system has caused. See the long term attempt to take over by the republican / right wing / religious Fundamentalists? Hugs


          1. To a point, I have to agree with James in that some news does come across as a lot of “gossip.” And I say this because so often certain “news topics” are sensationalized to catch the attention of more people. And reporters often write in a way that “tickles” people’s interests.

            I think you’re old enough to remember the REAL reporters of years back. Back then, it was truly NEWS reporting. The kind of news reporting being done today reminds me a lot of the old “Hollywood” news … who wore this to what event, who was divorcing who, who was cheating on who, etc. The only difference now is the people are in politics and not in the movies.

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            1. Hello Nan. Yes I do remember the 6 PM evening news. Anchors like Cronkite. In the 1980s when I was in Germany I would listen to the BBC. Back then I noticed a pattern. The BBC reporters would relay the news with out adjectives, just tell you what happened. The US reporters would have all these descriptors, horrific, catastrophic, amazing, and so many more. The BBC let you decide if something was a certain way, the US news forced you in that direction. That was long before home computers so most of my news came from newspapers, but I soon learned to be wary if the writer used to many words telling you how to feel instead of what happened. Hugs

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        2. Oh and Nan, thanks for not taking offense. I have made that observation about age recently around some older people and they got really upset with me. They were as smart as any young person and they could handle things better at their age than they ever could when younger … and I quit before it got bitter. I admit I am not as well able as I was years ago, Ron admits he is slower and has more trouble dealing with information than years ago. Ron handled the finances for the institute of international living, he knew inter country finances, yet now he prefers me to handle the bank accounts because I am on the computers and can call them up as needed, doing the bill paying and such. As we age we lose some parts of us. My maturity I think has increased, while my mental / physical has decreased. Same with Ron. James is only 30 so he still has that brash always right attitude. Hopefully that will change as he ages but in some people it gets worse. Hugs

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          1. I don’t take offense because I’m actually quite YOUNG! Well, maybe not in BODY or LOOKS, but I do try to keep up mentally. 😁 And to me, that’s where it’s at.

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