GOP candidate attacked for lessons that say gay p…

Yet almost daily I read two or three stories of religious leaders of different faiths sexually abusing kids, who are taught that they must obey the orders of the Priest / Pastor / Imam / Rabbi and any other lay person religious leader or god will punish them in hell forever. But ya it is teachers admitting that same sex marriage and LGBTQ+ people exist that are grooming and sexually abusing kids. These religious people never complain about the sex abuse their own do but are always projecting their sins on others. Hugs

State Sen. Darren Bailey (R), who is challenging Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D), founded Full Armor Christian Academy in 2016, a preschool through 12th-grade school that says it teaches kids “the courage to act upon Christian values and beliefs.”

The school uses a curriculum developed by the far-right Bob Jones University that’s so extreme it teaches that gay people are the moral equivalent of child molesters and that most slaveholders treated slaves well.

The school, according to Pritzker’s new ad, says that Full Armor Christian Academy teaches that “women in the workforce have been harmful to America” and that “evolution isn’t real.”

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2 thoughts on “GOP candidate attacked for lessons that say gay p…

  1. Scottie, women hold up half the sky per a Chinese proverb. Treating women as second and even third class citizens is not only wrong it is economically suicidal. It means you are competing in a world with only half your assets. We must teach being inclusive as that is in keeping with the answer to the question that Christians wear on their wrists and on bumper stickers – WWJD? Keith

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    1. Hello Keith. For a reason I don’t understand there is a segment of white men that do not want women in the work force, they believe they should stay home and I guess obey the commands of their owners … I mean the men in their lives. I think the world war 2 proved women more than capable of handling any and all jobs, as has the years between then and now. I wont even address the idea that they want the LGBTQ+ to go away and be hidden from society also. Hugs


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