How Florida Led the Media on Its Don’t Say Gay Bi…

Wow, this had nothing to do with protecting kids and everything with pushing a hate agenda. These back and forth between DeathSantis people and the LoTT hate spreader clearly show the goal was to eliminate LGBTQ+, specifically gays and trans kids from public schools and to take over the schools systems to white racist bigots. I can not grab quotes but it is worth a read. Hugs

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One thought on “How Florida Led the Media on Its Don’t Say Gay Bi…

  1. Urrgghh-this part (below, about the “cross sex hormones” is particularly irritating for so many reasons with the bottom line of all being it’s totally untrue. But, I recall when I worked in the classroom. Granted, not in Florida. But, one item is, the veteran teachers taught us how to buy the throat lozenges made only of pectin and without any mention of being anything but a throat drop that moisturizes, so that during cold/flu season the kiddoes with coughs (because of a cold and because their people smoked around them) could have enough relief to maybe get an entire Dr. Seuss book read without having a coughing fit. I recall that in public school, I carried my own aspirin and cough drops, but that is no longer allowed.

    But I’m certain that, in all places Florida, this BS was (not!) happening, and certainly (not!) at taxpayer expense: “The document also claims that the bill is about parental rights and implies that schools give kids prescription medication without parental consent. “Schools should never give students medical treatments (for example, cross sex hormones for students who identify as transgender) behind their parents’ backs,” it states.


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