Hate preacher says he’d rather eat his own vomit…

I think he doth protest too much. But seriously why do some “straight” people think more about gay sex than gay people do? He spends a lot of time imagining what gay people do sexually. And lets be honest most of what gay people do straight people do also, so is he saying any / all sex is disgusting to him. That means he is asexual. If so that makes him a member of the LGBTQ+. Dogs that love gravy no way will we let him in the club. But back to the subject of straight people dwelling on gay sex, does he watch gay porn for research? I am gay and I don’t spend my time thinking of what straight people do sexually. I mean I know the basics and have done it a time or two but it jsut doesn’t interest me. So I don’t think about it. But he and these others talk about it constantly, so they are either trying to convince themselves or their congregations. Personally if they are that courteous they should try it a few times to see if it is for them. But I really don’t care what they do with their bits and bobs as long as it doesn’t involve me. Hugs


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2 thoughts on “Hate preacher says he’d rather eat his own vomit…

  1. SEX has always been a special and endearing topic for preachers. One can’t help but wonder if maybe it’s because they’re frustrated … ???


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