New GOTV Ad From GLAAD: Protect Marriage Equality…

Do you care? I do. Not only do I care for these families, I care for your families, I care for my family. One family no matter the makeup doesn’t harm or take away from another family. How does Ron, James, and I being a family harm anyone in anyway. How does Ron and I being married effect a opposite couple marriage in anyway. These people keep claiming harm and the destruction of the country, but what they are really saying is they don’t understand it, may not like it, and their preachers tell them it will make their god cry. Why would it make your god cry? Because the priests and goat herders of the time seen the world through the view of their time and understanding? We know so much more now, then they did not even understand hand washing, yet some people think their morals are more advanced than what we understand so much better today. It doesn’t make sense and is unreasonable. Hugs

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2 thoughts on “New GOTV Ad From GLAAD: Protect Marriage Equality…

  1. Hi Scottie;
    I’ve been watching republican ads. I feel afraid now.
    I’m afraid that people fleeing death squads, gangs, starvation, rape, and medical deprivation are going to steal my job, my neighborhood, my school, my child’s place in school, and most importantly, my tax money. Don’t they know we were here first?
    I’m afraid disabled and old people will receive their social security and medicare and continue live in full contempt of the expectation that any common worker is to die after their productivity has ended.
    I’m afraid to imagine a world in which children are free to explore who they are in this world that I need to control. And, what’s this crap about kids wanting to receive a good education?
    I’m afraid to live in a world where people aren’t controlled by religion – you know, the right kind of religion that is quite elastic so any atrocity can be put in the “right” light and blame assigned.
    I’m afraid now that my guns will be taken from me. I mean, it hasn’t happened yet, but you never know when we will lose our ability to take a life at any sort of crazy whim.
    I’m afraid that if I have to use “politically correct” words, that I can’t say nier, spk, k*ke, fa**ot, sl*pe, or all these other words I learned to demonstrate my higher station and superiority, I just won’t know how to sound so confident and strong!
    My God, man! Don’t you see? They stole the election just like Trump said they would have to do in order for him to lose. He said this in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022… He even created a department to look into voter fraud, and the damn democrats hid all the evidence except a few examples that amounted to nothing – and tried to embarrass the republicans by leaving the ones republicans did! Diabolical!
    This forced the patriots to seek every opportunity to destroy the integrity of the election process, the courts, and somehow even CNN. This forced our patriotic leaders to snuggle up to Vlad Putin, Kim Jong-Un, and I still don’t know what the crystal ball was all about, and throw out our allies like the Kurds and the Ukrainians but damn don’t we look strong.
    I’m so afraid! But no matter how bat-shit crazy the topic, Fox Nws will let me know about it and make sure I have my AR-15 locked and loaded and ready to fire indiscriminately at anyone who doesn’t immediately kiss my dumb ass.

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