Two Young Incest Victims Denied Abortions In Flor…

And this is what the US / republican led states has become under republicans / DeathSantis, forcing children to have babies after being forced to have sex with older males, being used for sexual satisfaction of a male. I don’t know how to make it more clear what the right wants to do to the US, force it back to the morals / times of their holy books where kids could be given in marriage or simply raped with out consequence. Just pay 30 shekels and get to take the kid as your property. I am sorry but I am so sickened and fragile right now I can not really process this. I don’t have internet or computers to open the full story so my imagination is running wild. I told people on my blog before that when I was told in the small heath lesson we got in sexual education at 12 years old in the 6th grade the only thing I took away was only one sex act could cause pregnancy. As I was being regularly being raped I became terrified I would get pregnant. Does anyone know what that mind fuck does to a 12 year old boy? I sat in the class shaking, not daring to ask the question I desperately need an answer to. Lucky for me I couldn’t become pregnant but what about the 10 year old to older girls? They could. And if the Taliban Christians gain control over our country they can simply be bought after the act. How many kids don’t get the sexual information they need … until too late. I am not sure I can read the rest right now, my emotions raw maybe more than raw and I don’t need a visit from the vortex. Hugs

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