In my last post I wrote about watching this video, yet I was so upset I forgot to include the link.   Here is the link and story.   Damn he looks so young to me, how can he understand what life in prison means?  His world view and education seem so limited, and his answers while looking down seem to me he is drugged.   Well in his position I would need to be highly drugged to even stand there.

My heart is breaking.   My thoughts on his future, the pain in his life now.   I am not talking just emotional pain because I know the families that lost their children are going through that also.   I am talking the physical / emotional pain of being raped and being scared every day of your life of being attacked.    The parents of the murdered kids won’t face that and damn it that is not what a justice system in an advanced first world country should be about.  There is a reason the US has a large recidivism rate and countries like Norway don’t.   They treat their criminals like people, they treat their prisoners with respect as they do the entire population of their country.    They make sure to understand the reason why the prisoner did what they did and tailor the sentence to fix that.   The US has become a very vengeful sadistic place.   Even our congressional republican office holders want to hurt the others, they brag about humiliating and harming them.   My Dogs That Love Gravy, how does that make us a better country?   It drives us to the level of Afghanistan and Iran with the Taliban / moral police.   I stopped throwing up and Ron went to take a nap.   But I am still so upset and my mind won’t stop or settle, I keep reliving the abuse I took for 17 years on a loop, while thinking I got paroled / released after 17 years but Ethan has his entire life to suffer it, no matter how long he lives.   I cannot deal with that; I cannot imagine my life if my abuse and fears had continued until today or I died.   I would beg for death.   Death would be a mercy.   Go to go my stomach starting to roil writing this and if I start throwing up again Ron will unplug the computers.    Hugs

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