FL Drag Queen Story Hour Canceled Over Nazi Threats

These are legal events being shut down through domestic terrorism by right wing thugs.   There is nothing sexual about dressing up to read to kids.  Look at the pictures from the events.  That doesn’t matter to the right maga crowd as they think anytime a guy is dressed in what they call “women’s” clothing the person is trans which they want erased from society.   These are self avowed Nazis.   They see that racist genocidal group as somehow be preferred and more moral than LGBTQ+.    Where was the local law enforcement to protect a legal event from attack and violence by gang thugs?   Not there, because the police agree with the gang thugs and many are members of groups like the Proud Boys.    The law means nothing compared to having their demands met to live in lock step with the right wing regressive views.   This is scary how much the right maga cult wants fascism and an end to democracy.   And right wing media like Fox incites this and inspires even worse attacks.  Plus what about the rights of parents to approve of their children going to these events which are fun and inclusive.    They don’t get a say because only right wing maga cult parents count it appears.   BTW in my news feed this morning were three youth ministers / pastors charged with sex abuse of both boys and girls while no drag queen has yet to be charged with molesting a kid while doing a public reading.     Hugs

Florida Politics reports:

Threats from neo-Nazi groups prompted the cancellation of a drag queen story hour in Orlando. The LGBT+ Center Orlando announced it would nix the event, scheduled for Oct. 29, out of caution. “Due to several threats from hate groups aimed at The Center and to those participating in Drag Queen Story Hour, we have decided to cancel the event for this Saturday’s Halloween Edition scheduled for 2PM,” reads a Facebook post from the Center.

The event, which had been supported with a grant from the City of Orlando, was to feature Bridgette Galore. Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith, an Orlando Democrat and one of three openly gay lawmakers in the Florida Legislature, said it’s a shame hate can shut down a community event. “I’m sad and angry that threats like these continue to happen against the LGBTQ community,” he said. “Neo-Nazis organizing in Florida against Drag Queen Story Time? This is really dangerous and scary.”

The Orlando Sentinel reports:

Seventy-five children and their parents bought tickets to the “Drag Queen Story Hour” event with Bridgette Galore Oct. 29 at the Center off Mills Avenue, said George Wallace, the center’s executive director. “It was sold out,” Wallace said. “But again, safety is first in mind. We don’t want to put anyone in harm’s way, especially kids. They don’t need to be subjected to yelling and seeing that type of behavior.”

Wallace said local public officials and the Anti-Defamation League alerted him to online posts where extremist groups planned for 40 to 50 protesters at the event. “We have a church group that protests the center and the local Proud Boys came and were yelling ‘pedophile’ and terrible things at the parents that were bringing their kids in,” he said. “They were at arm’s length, but this Twitter thread that we saw — they’re violent.”


Lefty • 16 hours ago

Remind me again how many drag queens have been arrested for molestation?
I’ll wait.
Fuck you asswipes.

let freeedumb splain’eth Lefty • 15 hours ago

childless nazzis are so much better parents than actual parents

doncha know

Gigi • 16 hours ago

But no Nazi protests outside churches where children ARE actually being molested.

crewman • 16 hours ago

It’s not that they don’t want to take their own children to this event. They want to control (stop) the ability for anyone else to do so. They love cancel culture and big government when it stifles people they disapprove of.

Ščŏŧŧ Ċ – 🇺🇦 🕊 crewman • 16 hours ago

They’re based in cancel culture. Not allowed to say, sing, write, read, teach, or do anything they don’t like.

Teedofftaxpayer • 16 hours ago

Unfortunately hate wins again. Threats from the Desantis Republican Party. Call it whatever you want, but it’s his party.

Joeonhold Teedofftaxpayer • 10 hours ago

You are correct. DeSantis should be making it safe for this event to take place, instead he sits back and smiles with a sheepish grin that he’s getting to them. And he loves it. Sick, sick, sick. That’s not a governor, that’s a tyrant.

Tor • 16 hours ago

So Florida (DeSantos, etc.) keep harping on parental rights. What about the rights of the parents who bought tickets and want their children to attend drag queen stories? It seems that only some people actually get “rights.”

Bert_Bauer Tor • 15 hours ago

Would like the “liberal” media to ask Dictator DeSantis to comment on the conservative terrorist threats and whether he thinks his anti-LGBTQ agenda and rhetoric emboldened them … but the cowards won’t.

shivadog • 16 hours ago

So we just give in to terrorists? Expect to see a lot more of this kind of shit since it works so well and there are no consequences for the terrorists.

heleninedinburgh shivadog • 16 hours ago

Happening in the UK as well. And no consequence for the terrorists here either.

Tor shivadog • 16 hours ago

I don’t believe in giving in to terrorists, but children should not have to witness that kind of nazi ugliness, or have to worry about their safety.


Let’s see, one group would scream hateful, violent rhetoric at a room full of children, the other would rather cancel for the sake of the children to protect them from a negative, at worst traumatic, experience.

Christians vs drag queens, mmmm….

AyJayDee • 15 hours ago

I don’t mean to scare people, but this kind of shit was the missing link between hate propaganda and seemingly isolated or low-level terrorism against minorities during the Weimar Republic and early Third Reich and full-scale organized, government-sanctioned persecution and genocide later on.

Ed Meiller • 16 hours ago

Drag Queens NO! Nazis YES! What’s wrong with this picture?

Bruno • 16 hours ago

If we’re just going to end up caving in and cancelling the events, why bother scheduling them anymore?

Ann Kah Bruno • 16 hours ago

Keep scheduling them until law enforcement finally starts taking the fascist threat seriously.

AliveInReality • 15 hours ago

Number of drag queens arrested for molestation: 0
Number of transgender women arrested for molestation in bathrooms: 0
Number of Republican Congressmen arrested for public restroom misbehavior: 3
Number of priests, youth pastors & clergy arrested for molestation: TENS OF THOUSANDS

JCF Hank: NO MORE WoW!!! • 16 hours ago • edited

I understand the importance of protecting kids—I just don’t see why law enforcement doesn’t.

…but as far as adults go: Yes, we queer adults need to be BOLD. Put our bodies on the line. They did it: why can’t we?

Hank: NO MORE WoW!!! JCF • 15 hours ago

The police and National Guard protected kids during integration in the South, decades ago. They should be doing the same TODAY!!!
We are dealing with the SAME RACISTS!!!

David Walker Hank: NO MORE WoW!!! • 14 hours ago

I agree with you, and at some point standing up to the bullies will happen. It’s happened all our lives It’s happened in other situations. A healthy helping of their own medicine is called for.

BensNewLogin • 16 hours ago • edited

If it were me, I would be issuing public demands for InSantis to investigate threats to peaceful events. Following up with the DOJ.

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