Oklahoma School Superintendent Candidate Wants All Teachers Reeducated With “Christian Patriotic History”

Scary, more and more Christian nationalists that have no idea of the true history of the US are forcing their way into schools, trying to force even more kids to think the US was founded as a Christain nation.   The question is do they really believe this or were they taught this incorrectly in-home school or a Christian school or is this a plot by one of the Christian nationalist organizations to force more kids to be incorrectly taught.   But does it matter?    We are almost at a tipping point.   The religionist have managed to get very close to taking over enough to change how history is taught in enough schools to make what they want become true.   This is now become a crisis in the US, religion, specifically the Christian religion has tried for almost as long as the nation has existed to take over, and they are very much on the cusp of doing so.    it terrifies me because I know how these people deal with those that they dislike or don’t agree with their god.   Hugs

Oklahoma City’s ABC affiliate reports:

A new controversy has arisen surrounding the race for state superintendent. If elected, Republican Ryan Walters would have teachers undergo patriotic education offered by a conservative Christian college in Michigan.

Walters has said in the past students are not being taught U.S. history accurately and argued this could be a way to reverse the trend. His opponent, Jena Nelson, called the plan bizarre.

“They are now advocating that our students are not taught history but instead are taught indoctrination, instead taught this country is an evil place full of bigoted racists,” said Ryan Walters (R), candidate for state superintendent.

Read the full article. Watch the clip.


Misutaa Roboto • 4 hours ago • edited

If your history is full of idealized heroes, it’s not history, it’s mythology.

What he calls “true history” is nationalist mythology. He’s too fucking stupid to know the difference, and in Oklahoma, he’s likely to win simply by virtue of being a Republican.

Sarah Misutaa Roboto • 4 hours ago

It sounds like, I dunno…indoctrination. But that can’t be right, ’cause he’s against that!

Octoberfurst Misutaa Roboto • 4 hours ago

That’s what I can’t stand! These white nationalists want a sanitized view of America where everything was sunshine and lollipops. It’s a land where everybody loved Jesus and the Native Americsns are only mentioned when talking about the first Thanksgiving and, sure we had slavery, but it wasn’t so bad and everything was great for Black people after the Civil War. Ugh.

Gianni Octoberfurst • 3 hours ago

But it absolutely has to begin with how America was founded as a Christian nation. THAT”S the history they’ll use to start. From there, it’ll be whatever Christian bullshit and nuttiness they can toss in to THE history.

(((GC))) – End the filibuster! Gianni • 2 hours ago

As James Huber points out:

…The Founding Fathers had no reason to be vague. There was no ACLU, no “Activist judges.” If they had wanted a Christian Nation they could have written:

God Almighty, in Order to form a true Christian Nation, establish Divine Justice, insure adherence to His Laws, provide for the defense of His Church, promote His Word, and secure His Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, has led us to ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Instead they wrote:

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

12 thoughts on “Oklahoma School Superintendent Candidate Wants All Teachers Reeducated With “Christian Patriotic History”

  1. Please pardon me, especially as a rep of Jesus Christ, but: (exasperated gasp) the *Fk?!!?!?”

    This is heartbreaking to me for not only humanist reasons (sane people live in OK,) but also selfish ones: OK has some of the most wonderful state parks, and DH and myself managed to cabin-camp at all of them at least once before this extremist madness took such hold. I was hoping this would come to a level that they’d recognize that the freedom promised by Republican politicians isn’t for all, and shake it up a little bit. They don’t seem to be shaking it up enough.

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    1. Hello Ali. You make a great representative of Jesus Christ. If he is anything like you are then he was a decent person with progressive ideas of acceptance and tolerance.

      Ali, you said it, the view these people are pushing is not inclusive, it is not welcoming to all, it is not diversity. What these people want is a heterogeneous society of their religious views. They want to exclude anyone not in their group. They are demanding the teaching of lies that they may or may not believe simply because it supports their religion / bigotry, it supports their world views. Because their religious view is that only those that are like them and believe as they do are accepted by their god, then only those people should be allowed to be in THEIR country. And in THEIR country only the way they want people to live should be allowed.

      That is the direct opposite of what the US is / was supposed to be. It is setting up an acceptable class who have authority and an out / unacceptable class that may not even be allowed. It also is not historically correct, but to these people that doesn’t matter, it is what they want so reality doesn’t matter.

      That is the scariest thing about this Christian national drive. They don’t care about the truth or even reality, it is their religious indoctrination that will only be accepted. It terrifies me as a nearly 60 year old disabled gay man, because in their world I shouldn’t be allowed to exist. Hugs

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      1. It is scary. I’m sort of used to my own religious freedom being impinged upon by the predecessors of this current iteration of fake Christianity, but this iteration-christian nationalism-is scary. To me, it hasn’t been long enough since the years prior to and during WWII that we the people can be excused for thinking letting these people spew and recruit is going to end well for the US. All we can do is resist. I know we all do our best!

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        1. Hello Ali. I served in two branches of the US military for you to have the right to have your personal form of worship unimpeded or interfered with as long as it did not harm another or involves those who don’t consent. I support freedom of religion which to me means freedom from religion. I just don’t support the right of religion to be forced on others, nor do I support the right of the religious to oppress those different from them or having different faiths. So I am sorry you had your right to worship as you please inferred with. And you are correct the Christian Nationalist fundies would force others to worship as they do, follow the guidelines / doctrines of their fundie church. They are not about personal freedom, they are about control.
          They are about forcing everyone to do as they demand they do, be as they demand them to be, and believe as they demand they believe. The Christian Nationalist Fundies feel if they think it is wrong to eat ice cream on Sunday, that means you cannot eat ice cream on Sundays. Hugs

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          1. Yep! We had blue laws in MO until the late 60’s/almost 70s. The earliest I recall is there was simply nothing open from whom to buy anything on a Sunday. It changed to allow food and prescriptions. I laughed the year they added diapers to what was allowed to be sold; my first niece and nephew were finishing their 2nd year of life, and I recall some tense Sunday evenings the year before (funny what details a person remembers, LOL, though the situation’s not at all funny these days.)
            I like to say my RF has been violated by rightwinger to rile them. It means that when I write legislators about war and switching funding from so much defense to way more housing, food, and education those guys just sneer while telling the rubes how they’re making Jesus happy by giving the Kochs a tax break but not anyone else.

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  2. According to the article, this guy would have teachers undergo patriotic education offered by a conservative Christian college. We’re already having a teacher shortage and this guy wants to make it worse??!?! Does he actually think non-believing teachers are going to go for this?

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    1. I wondered if the teachers will be expected to pay for that. I don’t wonder too hard; I’m pretty certain they will be required to pay; that’s “FrEeDoM!” in this part of the US. It’s peculiar.

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    2. Hello Nan. I think you missed the point. That good teachers leave is what Florida governor is pushing hard for. Only those teachers who are seeped deeply into the right wing ideology remain, and to fill the gap they are looking to former military and their spouses who show themselves to be sufficiently willing to push the right wing ideologically. It is about changing the direction of society. Society in the US has been opening up and becoming much more like the Scandinavian countries who are open and tolerant and don’t try to control what other people do. The right in the US and the wealthy cannot have that at any costs, it might migrate to cutting into their profits. The ones pushing the Christian narrative fall into two categories. The ones that are true believers and those that are using the true believers to make more profit while getting more power.

      I am getting more and more worried about the indoctrination of the kids in schools. One of the things that drove the acceptance of black people was the integration of them into the schools. the kids mixed got to know to each other. The first black people I knew was when I went to the SDA boarding school. But that was 1980 and the black kids kept to them selves. I wish now they had not as I never got to know any of them.

      Then I went into the military and due to rank I became in charge of a shift. But I had a young black guy that was about to be kicked out of the military. He had a horrible attitude towards the work and maybe the military. I have told this story before. When he got assigned to my shift in Berlin the superiors told me I was his last chance before being discharged and I understood it would be a bad discharge that would follow him forever. I have told this story on my old blog. Remember the only people of color I ever knew was the ones I am newly meeting in the military. So this young man came into the shift and I assigned him his tasks. Then as he was new I later went to check the readings of the things I had assigned him. I needed to do this for a few days randomly to make sure he understood the job and was accurately recording them. I tried to do it nonchalantly. long story short after a few days he got really angry and stopped doing his tasks. I took him aside and tried to talk to him about why. He unloaded on me, called me a raciest, and told me just to discharge him. I was stunned. Not because he misunderstood what I was doing but his angry and his just giving up. Another long story short, in a closed room we had a couple hours talk that sometimes was shouted angry words as I struggled to understand his life and what he was feeling. I explained my place and talked to him about his. He told me of how he had been treated and I was angry at that. Long story short he became one of the best techs on my team and I think he took my place after I left the unit.

      This is what I think the new / maybe old republican right wants. To drive the minorities to the place this young guy was. To return the US not just to 1950 but maybe to 1850. And either way one reason I could understand this young man was as a gay man who was passing ( and whose command tacitly was ignoring me and my roommates clearly gay relationship. I mean the first Sergeant asked us if we were a couple and set us up together. In the 1980s) I could have been treated the same way this black guy was. Hugs


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