Trump is Concocting a Dangerous Plan to Contest the 2022 Elections—And Things Could Get UGLY

Trump and his cronies have devised legal and political strategies to contest elections that don’t go their way. They’re targeting multiple states, but Pennsylvania is their top priority, with plans to immediately contest the results if Dr. Oz loses to John Fetterman.

7 thoughts on “Trump is Concocting a Dangerous Plan to Contest the 2022 Elections—And Things Could Get UGLY

  1. This is the first time I’ve seen him, but he’s good! Intelligent and well-spoken. Sadly … nay, TRAGICALLY he is spot on! The people of this nation seem to no longer give a damn about democracy, about human rights, about the environment. They care only for themselves, apparently. Not all people, obviously, but far too many have bought into this conspiratorial atmosphere and seem to take delight in spreading the conspiracies that are destroying this nation. Hugs, my friend.

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    1. Hello Jill. You and Nan like him. His content is something I enjoy and agree with. But for me the problem is I don’t like watching / listening to him. For me it is a chore I force my self to do. Yes he is correct and his content is fact checked but there is something about his voice that grates on me. But I will try to post more of his content now that I know you like it. Thanks . Hugs

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      1. I get that … some people just grate on our nerves the minute they open their mouths! Don’t post more of hm just for me or Nan … we can go in search of his videos if we want to, and I do love Beau and “ol’ Texas Paul”! Hugs

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  2. My comment is based on watching/listening to a very limited amount of this video (although I did skim through it to the end).

    OK, so most of us know all this. But what can be done about it? Lots of people can point out the problems and complain about them, but few offer any kind of solutions. Just like this guy when he said: “things are going to continue to spiral and get worse.” DUH!

    I’m sorry, but the way I see it is that our current namby-pamby government should have taken a firm stand long ago and shut this guy down. But nooooo. they have let him run with it for close to two years now and it is almost a given that the polls are going to demonstrate his influence.

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