Russian TV Host Calls For Drowning Ukrainian Children

The Daily Beast reports:

Pro-war commentator Anton Krasovsky was speaking with sci-fi author Sergei Lukyanenko about the writer’s first trip to Ukraine in 1980, when local kids told him their lives would be better if Moscow wasn’t occupying their homeland.

“They should have been drowned in the Tysyna [river],” Krasovsky said. “Just drown those children, drown them.” He added that the children could have been forced into huts and burned.

During the same interview, Krasovsky also laughed about reports of elderly Ukrainian women being raped by Russian troops. “Those grannies would spend their burial savings to get raped by Russian soldiers,” he said.

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MartyP • 21 hours ago

So, tell me again, how this is all about Russia freeing the Ukrainians from a Nazi-like government? Monsters.

Gregory In Seattle • 21 hours ago

Wow, and I thought US Republicans had no vestige of humanity within them, and then this. No wonder the GOP wants so desperately to emulate Russia.

IamSmartypants Gregory In Seattle • 20 hours ago

Republicans are certainly advocating policies that threaten the lives of LGBTQ kids and they have committed to introducing national “Don’t Say Gay” legislation. A lot of them want us dead.

Kieth Gregory In Seattle • 20 hours ago

They are closeted monsters for now. What do you think people like Ralph Reed and Stephen Miller daydream about if they ever gained total control over this country

AyJayDee Todd20036 • 20 hours ago

But that’s perhaps about one-third of American society that has outsized power because of our political system. In Russia it’s much more pervasive and is the result of a deep well of chauvinism and a history of imperialism, colonialism and white supremacy that the country has never confronted. What’s happening in Ukraine is consistent with how Russia has behaved for centuries (a good example is the Circassian genocide).

AyJayDee • 21 hours ago • edited

I’ve said before and I’ll say again: Cold-blooded murder of innocent people and rape of women is a long-standing pervasive problem of Russian military culture, and apathy toward it – if not outright support – among much of the public is a problem of Russian society. RT may have fired him, but it’s purely for optics.

Russian soldiers raped women with abandon as they “liberated” Poland and invaded Germany (including my then teenaged grandmother) and mutilated resistance fighters in Latvia – just as they’re doing in Ukraine now.

Friday’s_cat • 21 hours ago

US cable and satellite providers will carry RT as long as there’s a dollar to be made.
Time for some anti trust action breaking TV and ISP providers into separate businesses.

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