Armed Vigilantes Caught “Guarding” Arizona Voter Drop Boxes

Armed vigilantes say they are “monitoring” ballot drop boxes in Arizona. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET. Read more HERE:… “At least two people in tactical gear and masks and allegedly armed with weapons were watching over a drop box for mail-in ballots in Mesa, Arizona, on Friday, the Maricopa County Elections Department said Saturday. Why it matters: At least two voters have filed complaints of voter intimidation to Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D) in the past few days, including one claiming “camo-clad people” of taking pictures while an early ballot was dropped off outside the Maricopa County election headquarters, according to KNXV-TV, an ABC-affiliated station in Phoenix.”

7 thoughts on “Armed Vigilantes Caught “Guarding” Arizona Voter Drop Boxes

    1. Hello Nan. You would think it would be. But it is just the next step in what the republicans have been pushing for decades with voter suppression laws. The fact they seem supported by some police and many right wing politicians and at least one trump judge seems to imply this is going to be the new normal and get worse. The thugs / raciest are getting the civil war they have wanted. Next like with drag show events, armed supporters show up to counter the armed vigilantes. Then the two sides start fighting. it spreads. Proud boys in Miami are now in the government and trying to get into the voting places to “decide who should vote”. I never thought in my life the US would regress so fast or so far. I really thought the majority of people were better than this. But when elected leaders stopped listening to the people and started doing the bidding of those groups / people with the most money the US stopped being a democracy and a progressive country. We seem to have become a corporate owned religious driven profit is everything uncaring country with an owner class and an owned desperately poor lower class. The feds are willing to destroy the economy and push us into an unnecessary recession to stop the increase in power that workers had and the starting of new unions. That is what the rate increases are about. They did not have to do that to fight inflation but they did have to cause unemployment to keep workers from being able to demand higher wages and better benefits. It is not the workers wage increases driving inflation, it has been proven to be the record setting profits corporations and businesses are bring in. But as I said before, for the wealthy profit is king and the public / people are disposable livestock to gain profit from. Hugs

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      1. Sad (and scary) to say … but this is the most spot-on sentence you wrote: We seem to have become a corporate owned religious driven profit is everything uncaring country ,,,.

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    1. Hello Roger. I agree. But they are protected because they are the enforcement arm of the republican party which has degenerated into something less than should be allowed. During Obama’s term in office his national security people studied and wrote a paper about the growing threats of white domestic terrorist. The right screamed to high heaven that Black man Obama was being raciest saying that white people were bad and a threat. That was not true and there was a growing problem but the report was withdrawn and never acted on. It has just resurfaced in new language. There is far too much part over country right now. There is one party pushing democracy and the government working for the good of the public, the other party is pushing a top down ruling system (that they all want to be the single most powerful ruler of) that controls the public while the government works only for the corporations / businesses and allows the wealthy to use the people as they see fit. Sadly that party has rigged the system and set up a never ending rage media that seems to be helping them win as a minority rather than them being forced to appeal to the people. Hugs

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