Exclusive: Hillary Clinton WARNS about MAGA Secretary of State Candidates in URGENT MESSAGE

2 thoughts on “Exclusive: Hillary Clinton WARNS about MAGA Secretary of State Candidates in URGENT MESSAGE

  1. Yep. Also pay attention to your AG candidates; the Repubican opposition wants AG’s who will join in a “legal” coup if necessary. It’s hard to explain to people that if they give up a few policy issues (which Repubs won’t address in their favors, anyway-only the already rich will be helped) and vote Dem, then they can just ride herd on the ones elected to not be “too liberal” regarding their issues, meanwhile retaining our democratic republic and working in the system using responsible civics.

    I think they’d be surprised at how that works out for them, but it’s difficult to persuade. I seem to be dreaming a lot this week, I guess.

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    1. Hello Ali. The republican candidates have been very clear that they intend to ensure that only republicans win, that even though every investigation found no voter fraud large enough to make a difference in the outcome of the election. They do not believe that the election was fair or the result really the will of the people. In Texas the AG has started investigation of poll workers simply to cause fear on the part of the poll workers that are acting responsibly and to get them removed to make room for the maga poll watchers. So yes all our rights and freedoms are at stake, democracy is at stake and we need to vote for democrats at all levels of government, state and federal. We must not only keep the republicans out now we must rebuild a decent real democratic government. Hugs

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