Texas Paul FIRES BACK at OAN Anchor Attacking Him on Live TV

5 thoughts on “Texas Paul FIRES BACK at OAN Anchor Attacking Him on Live TV

    1. Hello Ten Bears. I thought there was a school somewhere that taught the correct way to act as a conservative Karen and screech their screed to see the manager right now and howl about how it is unfair that they are not getting to discriminate the way they want to because the targeted person is not instantly cowed and put in their place. They do all sort of seem like clones don’t they? Hugs


  1. It is hard to convince people you are tough on crime, when you whitewash and rationalize the crimes of your so-called leader. Why this quote under oath did not resonate more is beyond me, but the so-called leader’s attorney and fixer testified under oath to Congress on TV. Michael Cohen said “Donald Trump is a racist, he is a con artist and he is a cheat.” I believe him as I have watched him be this way in plain view long before he was president or a candidate. Keith

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    1. And yet, Keith, none of this seems to make one iota of difference to so many. They are so intent upon “getting rid of those nasty liberals” that they completely ignore/tune out anything negative about these VERY less-than-capable candidates.

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