Oh boy I am ill.

I am so ill.   I got two injections yesterday afternoon.  I got both my second shingle shot and my latest Covid booster.    I was up all night, and both Ron and I got up at 2 AM.   I went back to bed at 6 AM for an hour, but couldn’t sleep.  So got up.  But 9 I was shaking, running a high fever, aches over top of my normal pain levels.   I went back to bed.   I just got up at 3 PM and wish I had not.  Ron has gone back to bed.  I have been taking Tylenol to handle the fever and my pain pills for the aches and pains.   However one side point.   It is not much importance but James found a suspicious program, a key stroke logger on Ron’s I phone.    So we are all dumping our devices in a couple days and doing a hard reset, but in the meanwhile I dumped both computers this morning before crashing after I backed the files up.    I was far enough along that I can post and watch videos but I have hours of updates and fixes to do.  If not days.   Plus most of my security programs are not on there.    One last thing.   I was proudly on day 7 of comments I was answering and was doing that this morning before getting so ill.   However I won’t be answering comments until the fever comes down and stays there.   One other note I looked it up and a high level response like this to a Covid shot means that your immune system is running really well and already sees Covid as a virus threat that it responds against.  Thank you.    Hugs to all.

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