Woman confronts armed man near ballot drop box

2 thoughts on “Woman confronts armed man near ballot drop box

    1. Hello Nan. Freedom for some minority to rule over others. Freedom for the public to do as the corporate owners of the country demand of them. Freedom of the people to do as the local Christian maga gang thugs scare them into or out of doing. Freedom to walk lockstep with one religion and one political party even if you don’t agree with either. Freedom to base your sexual desires and sexual acts according to the right wing Christian nationalist leaders. Freedom to educate your children in the required indoctrination program of the right wing state and to have that indoctrination enforced by threats of violence to school boards and all school workers such as teachers. Freedom to dress according to the dress code of the local Christian Taliban morals enforcers known as Proud Boys. Ya, that sure is freedom and the home of the brave.

      At least three republican candidates for state wide elected office have proclaimed if they get elected to positions such as governor or Secretary of State which over sees elections, the democrats will never win in those states again. And they people seem to be ignoring the open threat to fix elections and rig them so only republican can win. Already the view of the maga cult is any election a democrat wins was fraudulent, rigged and the republican was cheated. Any election a republican wins is a fair and free election. No republicans will now concede they lost an election due to this view. It is a scary time with democracy on the knifes edge. Hugs


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