Russia Set To Ban All LGBTQ Representation In Media – JMG

Is there any wonder why the current republican party loves Putin!   He is doing what they want to do.   Outlaw the LGBTQ+.   Florida has already outlawed the LGBTQ+ in Florida schools using the same reasoning as Russia has, protect the children from a made up boogieman.   These people live to hate.  These laws are designed to stop any positive portrayals of the LGBTQ+ while still allowing the negative hate mongering free reign.   Hugs

The New York Times reports:

Russia’s Parliament is set to pass a legislative package that would ban all “gay propaganda,” signaling an even more difficult period ahead for a stigmatized segment of society. The laws would prohibit representation of L.G.B.T.Q. relationships in any media — streaming services, social platforms, books, music, posters, billboards and films — and, activists fear, in any public space as well. That’s a daunting prospect for queer people searching for community, validation or an audience.

Kremlin critics see the proposals as an attempt to create an internal enemy to divert attention from battlefield setbacks and an unpopular draft of hundreds of thousands of soldiers. “It’s the equivalent of saying, ‘Look, we have this special operation. If we lose, your kids will have their gender changed, they’ll take your kids away, it’ll be the stuff of nightmares,’” said Dr. Nikolai Lunchenkov, a physician who focuses on L.G.B.T.Q. health.

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Nic Peterson Raising_Rlyeh • 3 hours ago

Reeducation Camps for LGBTQ Persons Show the Compassion of Conservatism by Ken Mehlman and Andrew Sullivan

Something like that?

Dave B • 4 hours ago • edited

And the Fascist Republican party is taking their cues from Putin. Don’t think for a second the Republicans won’t do this here if given the chance.

Dave B Fearsome Beard • 3 hours ago

Pay attention to Republicans for 5 minutes and you can see the future under Republican autocratic rule.

Karl Dubhe IV • 4 hours ago

I take it that “gay propaganda” will be defined as claiming that we’re human beings and that we exist.

Dave B Karl Dubhe IV • 4 hours ago

I’m pretty sure they’ll allow gays to be villains who end up dead at the end of the movie because they deserved to die.

Karl Dubhe IV Dave B • 4 hours ago

Don’t forget the Show Trials. They’ll not be as fabulous from our pov…. A show’s a show though. Right?

Elagabalus • 4 hours ago • edited

Without convenient scapegoats, no authoritarian would ever been able to hoodwink the masses into believing that the real source of their misery isn’t the authoritarian himself. Putin needs the gays as much as Hitler needed the Jews.

Mushroom_Sunshine • 4 hours ago

Coming to a GOP representative near you. Within months, Putin’s puppets (AKA GOP) will roll out similar if not identical policies.

Halou • 4 hours ago

“It’s the equivalent of saying, ‘Look, we have this special operation. If we lose, your kids will have their gender changed, they’ll take your kids away, it’ll be the stuff of nightmares,’”

Russian government telling people not to ask questions about the tens of thousands of Ukrainian children who just appeared in the Russian adoption system since February?

Stogiebear • 4 hours ago

“The purpose is to make LGBTQ people invisible in Russia,” one lawyer said.

Invisible people disappear easily.

Chris G. • 4 hours ago

From history, we all know what happens next. I’m afraid they will soon start rounding up our LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters to put them in camps.

JackFknTwist • 4 hours ago

We have always known Putin is a fascist dictator beloved by Trump.
It makes their bromance all the more instructive of the four years of Trump’s treachery.
Trump tried the same bromance shit with Kim.

J.Martindale • 3 hours ago

Christo-fascists always play to fears and bigotry. What a comment on humanity that it always works pretty well.

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