Republican book banning attempt defeated after community stands up for LGBTQ people

A rare win for the good side.   Notice the animosity and hate for gay people.  This is not about sexualizing kids, stories about gay kids / people don’t make kids sexual anymore than stories of straight kids / people do.   Why is it OK in the minds of straight white conservatives that kids read about straight dating, see straight couples, read about straight parents, see straight people kiss, and that doesn’t sexualize or promote sexuality to them.  That is what they want the kids to see because it enforces that it is good and “normal” that they should act that way.    But you change the word straight with the word gay and their heads explode with the myth that they have to protect the kids from sex?  Get real, that just shows how bigoted and hateful they feel towards gay people.   It is a faked concern for the children when in truth it is about forcing LGBTQ+ kids to hide and being able to hurt them.    Hugs

November ‎7, ‎2019 Santa Cruz, California - Various books by different authors for sale at Bookshop Santa Cruz
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After a heated public debate, the Greenville County Council in South Carolina voted to keep LGBTQ books accessible to children at the public library.

A resolution from city Councilor Joe Dill – who recently lost the Republican primary and will not be maintaining his seat – proposed requiring the 12-location library system in the area to remove books “promoting sexuality” from all children’s sections.

The resolution claimed it was seeking to “protect the innocence of children” and also would have required libraries to submit a report to the County Council detailing “how such books ever found their way into the Children’s Sections…and what measures have been put into place to ensure such oversights do not occur in the future.”

Controversy over LGBTQ books in the county began in September when the Greenville County GOP unanimously passed a resolution in favor of banning them from the children’s section of libraries.

The State reported at the time that the Greenville County GOP chair, Jeff Davis, said it was important to prevent kids from being “indoctrinated” by the books.

“Kids can’t buy a beer until they are 21. Should they be able to access these books before a certain age without parental consent? I think not and that should be reasonable,” he said.

The GOP became especially concerned in June when the library displayed LGBTQ books in honor of Pride Month.

Among the books they reportedly worried about was a book about a girl and her dads called Daddy & Dada; Teo’s Tutu, about a boy who does ballet; Pride Puppy, about a puppy who goes to a Pride Parade; and Sex is a Funny Word, a sex education book designed for kids that also teaches about different types of families.

During the recent county council debate, the council members did not mention any specific books, and impassioned pleas were made from people on both sides during the public comment period.

“I can’t even believe we’re having this conversation. Of course we shouldn’t have any sexual material in our children’s library,” said parent Barbara Evans, as reported by The State.

Susan Ward, the parent of a gay son, emphasized how important it is for her son to be able to see himself in books.

“All of us worry about our children. I worry because my child has been subjected to hate and discrimination,” she said.

The conversation reportedly got heated, with the vice chair of the library board – who supported keeping the books away from kids – even saying “barf” when someone said they were gay.

Ashley Snelgrove, a children’s librarian against banning the books, also spoke at the meeting and explained that the library already thinks very hard about what books are available to kids. Beyond that, Snelgrove said kids under 11 are always supervised at the library.

And in a 3-9 vote, LGBTQ equality won the day and the council voted to keep the books available to kids.


3 thoughts on “Republican book banning attempt defeated after community stands up for LGBTQ people

  1. Bigotry in all its forms is on display everywhere we look today. I am pleased and inspired to see at least one case here where the bigots were essentially told to sit down and shut up! I hope to see and hear of more positive outcomes like this one! Hugs

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    1. Hello Jill. I think the republican message and rabid attacks on all things gay and trans caught people off guard. I knew people who at first hand waved the issue away. But when it gained steam and became a raging fire by the republicans to burn gays and trans people out of society the decent people are fighting back. Good people who don’t like hate and bigotry taught to their kids, they don’t want their friends that are minorities harassed and erased. So now comes the backlash against the heavy handedness of the religious maga thugs. I just hope it is not too late. Hugs

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      1. I am always caught off guard when faced with bigotry, whether homophobia, Islamaphobia, or racism. I will never forget a few summers ago when one of my neighbors, a Muslim immigrant from Iraq, was taunted here in the neighborhood and in local stores for wearing her hijab … I was so angry, so appalled! There is just no reason for the hatred of people who don’t look, act, of believe quite as you do … no reason at all! Frankly, I’m pretty sick of the human species, it’s arrogance, it’s fear of ‘other’. Wolves are so much better! 🐺

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