Christian preacher says he uses anti-gay slurs to teach “a perfect hatred” of LGBTQ people

The NIFB sect is one of the fast growing of the Christian religion.    It is all about hate, white male power, and limited rights for women.   They are flat out openly Christian nationalist who want a theocracy where they get to enforce their views on the entire population.   The Taliban is the Muslim model of what they want the US to be under their rule.   This is the sect that openly calls for the killing of gay people and this preacher is happy with the extermination of Jews.    Hugs

Tanner Furrh
Tanner Furrh Photo: Screenshot

Brother Tanner Furrh of the Stedfast Baptist Church in Watauga, Texas explained in a sermon why he uses anti-LGBTQ slurs instead of just saying that gay people are condemned to hell.

“If I stand up and I tell you, ‘You should treat the homosexual with honor and dignity,’” he said, mocking other homophobic churches’ “Love the sinner, hate the sin” stance. “Does that make you want to hate that person in your heart? No.”

“But if I get up here and I say, ‘Every fa***t is a pedophile, they are a child molester, they are an abuser,’ guess what?  That instills a little bit of hatred. In fact, you’ll grow to have a perfect hatred for the enemies of God.”


Furrh’s words come as Republicans have spent the past year doing just that, calling LGBTQ people and their allies – especially doctors and teachers – “groomers,” referring to how child sex abusers lure children.

Stedfast is part of the New Independent Fundamental Baptist Movement, a set of churches that focuses heavily on hatred of LGBTQ people. Steven Anderson’s Faithful Word Baptist Church is a part of the movement.

Furrh has previously called for death to lesbians, saying that “a bullet in their head is too nice.”

“They’re sick and gross because the Bible says so,” Furrh said in June. “And not just the male fa***ts. Also the women-fa***ts too.”

“All the lesbos, all the dy**s, all these butch dy**s out there, they deserve the death penalty too,” he continued. “It should be punished with death by the government.”

Stedfast is the same church where Jonathan Shelley preaches. Last month, Shelley claimed that gay men’s “intestines will sometimes just fall out because of the actions that they do.”

“Pastor Shelly, you’re gonna have to eat Indian food and ranch dressing every day of your life, or do that one time?” he said, referring to sex with other men. “It’s like, bring on the Indian food.”

“What if you, what if you, Pastor Shelley, what if you had to eat Indian food and ranch and then vomit it up and then eat it again, or do that one time? It’s like, bring on the vomit.”

Shelley also expressed doubt that six million Jewish people were killed in the Holocaust this past month, saying that he would feel “lucky” if that happened, just how he would feel “if someone walks into a homo bar and shoots ’em all, shoots a bunch of homos and kills all of them.”

3 thoughts on “Christian preacher says he uses anti-gay slurs to teach “a perfect hatred” of LGBTQ people

  1. “All the lesbos, all the dys, all these butch dys out there, they deserve the death penalty too,” he continued. “It should be punished with death by the government.”

    Then he should live where this is the law. We all know full well there are countries run just like that. But the US doesn’t stand for killing people because they exist. Everyone should say so.
    (I know, sigh. It’s a vast work in slow progress.)

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  2. Also. Scottie mentioned he’d like to know what I thought of his ideas about somehow clamping down on hateful/inciteful/conspiring speech. I do not want bans, at least not legal bans. Private entities may do as they choose. What I’d like to see, I think, is something like earlier law enforcement action on what we’ve learned since 2001 is called “chatter.” This chatter is out there the same as this blog is. It isn’t as if we haven’t read, over years now, that ‘there was chatter but just not quite enough to move on,’ then there was a shooting/bombing/insurrection/etc. Law enforcement guidelines and standards could be revised, maybe.
    I think we all know I love a lively discussion online! Bans are up to the blog owners, I believe.

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    1. Hello Ali. Just like the people in Oregon want to join with Idaho to be in a more conservative area without the inconvenience of moving no matter how badly it effects the others who live there, these people don’t want the inconvenience of moving to where their bigotry is accepted, they would rather being that hateful bigotry here no matter how many people it hurts. It is about making the Christian bigots feel good and happy because they think they are the most important people there is.

      As to clamping down on hateful rhetoric, I do think it is a good thing to do and there are some legal ways to do it. Things like changing social media so that it doesn’t drag people deeper and deeper into racism / bigotry. Things like monitoring media boards to look for plans of actual violence or the incitement of minors to act. One thing that has worked really well against hate speech and bigotry in schools was positive campaigns and positive reinforcement of the LGBTQ+. We need national campaigns of positive advertisements to run on broadcast stations, online in places where young people and parents go on the web. And we need aggressive hate crime prosecutions. And it takes people like us to push back hard on hate speech and racism / bigotry wherever and whenever we encounter it. Hugs

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