Kayleigh McEnany HUMILIATES Trump live on FOX

2 thoughts on “Kayleigh McEnany HUMILIATES Trump live on FOX

  1. Where’s all this women’s coming from?

    A good swift kick in the ass works wonders. I hope it spreads through the party. They will still be Republicns, but maybe a little closer to sane.


  2. This is a good time to thank all the women, LGBTQ+, all minorities, Republicans, etc., who held the losses to a miraculous minimum. White straight liberals could not have done it alone.

    The past two elections reveal something we should not ignore. Despite the conservative notion that only straight white males are fit to govern, I would like to point out that women, people of color, gays, and lesbians have been elected to high offices across the nation.

    Hopefully, society is shaking off the grip of Christian nationalism and false conservativism.

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