How a Texas woman almost died after being denied an abortion

Amanda Eid and Josh Zurawski share their terrifying experience after being denied an abortion due to Texas’ strict anti-abortion laws. CNN’s Elizabeth Cohen reports.

3 thoughts on “How a Texas woman almost died after being denied an abortion

  1. The IDIOTS in Congress DON’T CARE!!! It’s all about kissing the asses of the religious-ots to get more votes to get more money to get more power to get more recognition so they can become a “special person” in their own eyes!

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    1. Hello Nan. Yes and it is worse in state legislatures I think. Less individual attention to the crazy things they push. Seriously they get less push back than the federal elected politicians. I admit I cannot name a single Florida legislator, but I can name federal ones easily. I think at the state level these people are true believers. One of the things religious organizations did was push to get as many church people on town councils and state offices. The governor for Oklahoma is a complete brainwashed religious person who claimed the entire state for the Christian god. He uses his government social pages to push Christianity. So along with the every fertilized egg is a human person, and the idea that every sex act should be about having kids if god wishes it, there is the idea that a female’s job is to produce children and take care of the man’s home. You are correct, they are mostly white men, and they mostly don’t care if a woman dies. Hugs

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      1. You nailed it right there, Scottie. The rightwing has been building firewalls in state legislatures and other governing bodies within those states for at least 3 decades, now; before the Tea Party, even. But they got way ahead of the curve with the Tea Party. So many people don’t pay attention to state races as long as someone isn’t raising taxes, and now people don’t know what’s hit them.


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