Herschel Walker HUMILIATES himself unlike ever before in DISASTROUS appearance

12 thoughts on “Herschel Walker HUMILIATES himself unlike ever before in DISASTROUS appearance

      1. Hello Jill. In some ways I feel sorry for Walker. He is clearly brain damaged. He might have aways been really been slow and backward, stupid, but it is also clear he now has brain damage. And he is openly and clearly used by a republican party that doesn’t care anything about him or his welfare. There should be laws against it to use mentally handicap people like that. Hugs

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        1. Sigh. You are more generous than I, but yes, you do make a good point … he is being used by the GOP to try to unseat a Democrat, for they know that Americans care more about sports and celebs than they do about the future of the nation. Sigh. And what they heck do they think would happen if he were to win??? Sigh. Hugs


    1. Hello Jeff. And yet the people in Georgia will vote for him because he has an R behind his name on the ballot. The right really doesn’t care about governing anymore, they don’t care about the country, what they want is better trolling and the meaner trolls to do it like Marge Greene and Jim Jordan. They want the trump snark and arrogance. But they might now turn out now that the control of the Senate is not in play, but what they don’t know is it really still is. If the Dems get 51 we no longer have to negotiate power sharing agreements with McConnell, and out committees will be majority democrat with subpoena power. We need to win, not just to keep Walker from harming himself but to win real control of the senate. Hugs


    1. I tend to think it goes back to a couple of things: (1) Too many people simply don’t pay attention to in-depth political news and just vote along party lines, and (2) He’s a Football Hero! So surely he can be a senator.

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    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry over this video clip of the very unqualified-for-senate candidate Herschel Walker. There will be a runoff election in Georgia on December 6th between Senator Raphael Warnock and this former footballer … let us hope that common sense prevails!!!


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