Donald Trump – God’s Anointed?

6 thoughts on “Donald Trump – God’s Anointed?

  1. He says that Shane Vaughn often speaks about political issues. And this guy doesn’t? (He’s doing it in this video!) Nowadays there are very few church leaders that don’t bring politics into their sermons and/or teachings. I admit some are more blatant than others, but the admonitions are still there.

    As for DT actually being “anointed” by God? Those that believe this should read the prophecies about the Anti-Christ in Revelations!

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    1. Hello Nan. I think it is a matter of degree. This guy uses politicians that misuses religion or the bible to hate on others. The preacher he is talking about and the other hate preachers, use their sermons to justify political positions or political officials positions and use their religion to push a political outcome. Often these religious leaders ignore the Johnson amendment to use their tax free status to push religious candidates / positions that violate the law.

      In the videos I have watched of Rev. Trevors he doesn’t do that. His issue if actions and rhetoric that he feels violates the message of the bible or the use of the bible in an unacceptable way. I used to watch a lot of atheist content and I am at a point where that annoys me as much as most religious preachers do. But there are still some I will watch and I learn things. On is this Rev. I find his stance and knowledge addresses things I did not know or did not understand. I really think him and I could spend an afternoon together and enjoy it. I have some people of faith (notice how I frame that) who come to my blog that I do admire.

      On the former guy being anointed, the very same religious leaders that laid their hands on trump and promoted trump as sent from god , have now turned from him while saying they wont support him running for president again now! They want it both ways. This guy was sent from our god so obey him they proclaimed, but when that guy lost his power to help or promote them they turned their backs on him shamelessly. So much for the authority of their god. So much for following the guy their guy anointed. trump lost his power to help them make money or get their way so they throw him aside to install another god anointed leader. I wonder if that is most of what the OT was about, different political / war lords overthrown when they couldn’t promote the religious oligarchy anymore. As for Revelations I always thought it was a total hallucination of some drug or another. I never could make anything out of it, and I heard a lot of attempts to mold it into our modern society. I still have no clue what it really is. Hugs


      1. This is the belief of some:

        The Antichrist will be a political leader and will poison the minds of his followers with half-truths, false love, and, above all else, sheer charisma. The most powerful religious leaders on earth will support the Antichrist and influence the world’s religions to follow after him and embrace his one-world governing system. He will capture the ears of many and gain the trust of the weak. He will rise to power and confirm a seven-year covenant with Israel.

        Does any of this remind you of someone?

        Of course, this is all based on biblical scripture and interpretation … and since the whole “story” is suspect, I suggest it all be taken with a grain of salt. 😁


  2. Word nerd here; I believe the term “politics” has been used as such a broad brush since (at least) Pres. Reagan’s first admin, that people really believe that every single subject is political.

    Some things are simple right and wrong, and people need to be able to speak that. My humble opinion given in humility. /Seriously in humility./ To me, it seems that humans who care about any other humans at all need to begin to speak out to separate human rights from politics.

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    1. Hello Ali. Interesting slant on it. I think that in old times politics was about governance. But today in modern times because one political party out of the two we have is not interested in governing, they have decided to make everything in our life / society / culture political. Seriously how or when before was anyone reading to kids with parents’ permission / approval ever a political issue? Why is Christmas a political thing, why is saying Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays a political issue? All these things including the LGBTQI+ have become political because the republicans have made it so to distract from the fact they have no plan to govern. They have no plans to help the people have a better life, so they must make the culture issue a war to distract from that so their followers will stay enraged, turning their anger on the targets the republicans point them to. To your point the republicans have made everything in life political to distract their followers from their lack of doing anything to help them, to distract from the fact they help only the wealthy. That way they can make their party member turn on democrats even when the democrats only are trying to help even the lower income republicans.

      As for something being right or wrong and people should speak out on it. I agree. And I don’t care if some consider it political or not, human rights / civil rights are among things people should and need to speak out on. Best wishes. Keep doing your best. Hugs

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