Libs of TikTok attacks Colorado drag shows hours after deadly LGBTQ+ club shooting

Damn, Damn, Damn it.   This is beyond cruel, this is pure gloating that she and her hateful ilk are causing people to hurt and harm, kill gay and trans people to push their ignorant views of denying the right of others to exist.   She did this after a person killed and injured people in a gay establishment where drag shows happened.   This is not religious liberty, this is demanding a segment of the population stop existing and that it is OK to kill them.   She knows she will suffer no consequence for her actions, her incitement of violence and killing.  Musk loves her hate and bigotry as he is full of it himself.   The republicans won’t do anything to stop her as she is activating their base something they like.   This is why I push back on her and people that say things like her.    Anytime you let the misinformation, lies, and hateful rhetoric pass unchallenged you are giving ammo to the domestic terrorists and those that target the minorities for harm based on that misinformation, lies, and hate mongering.  Take the teeth out of people like elected republicans, Matt Walsh, and Libs of TikTok by not letting their garbage stand uncorrected.    Hugs

 Colorado Shooting vigil

Colorado Shooting vigil (Getty Images)

Anti-LGBTQ+ social media account Libs of TikTok attacked a Colorado kids drag organization just hours after the Colorado Springs shooting, in which five were people killed. 

Following the devastating shooting on Saturday (19 November) Libs of TikTok, run by Chaya Raichik, attacked non-profit organisation, Dragutante. 

Dragutante is a Colorado-based group created to provide a safe stage for aspiring drag performers aged eight to 18.


Posting on Twitter the account wrote: “This organization in Colorado teaches kids how to become drag queens and helps kids ‘safely experience the art of drag on stage.”

It then tagged Colorado state representatives Leslie Herod and Brianna Titone to claim they have “promoted and encouraged this child drag organization and performance”.

Owner of the account, Chaya Raichik, who has branded herself a “stochastic terrorist” in her Twitter bio, has since been slammed for the role she has played in stirring up hatred against the LGBTQ+ community in the months leading up to Colorado Springs shooting. 

Misinformation shared by the account has previously led to bomb threats being sent to children’s hospitals.

‘Instigating LGBTQ+ violence’

LGBTQ+ activist Erin Reed used Twitter to accuse Raichik of allegedly “gloating” about “instigating LGBTQ+ violence in the wake of the Colorado Springs mass shooting”.

Reed wrote: “She lists herself as a ‘stochastic terrorist’ in her bio” and pointed out that, when confronted about the role she plays in anti-LGBTQ+ attacks, she responds “sarcastically”.

Raichik responded: “I put stochastic terrorist (the term they’ve been using for months to describe me) in my bio to trigger the Left. Mission finally accomplished!”

Reed added: “In the immediate aftermath of the shooting, as many have reported, she targeted LGBTQ+ family friendly drag events (which Club Q was going to have today for TDOR [Transgender Day of Remembrance]).”


“We have entered a new phase in anti-LGBTQ violence.

“They’re openly gloating and mocking because they know they now have a permanent platform for this in Twitter.”

Another Twitter user wrote: “This is 9 hours apart. Chaya Raichik (@LibsofTikTok) is bragging about inciting the attack.

“She knows she’ll get away with it.”

Following the attack, three of the five victims killed have been named as Daniel Aston, Derrick Rump and Kelly Loving.

It follows billionaire Elon Musk receiving further backlash for joking with Libs of TiktTok about firing a member of staff. 

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