Christian Parents MELTDOWN After Getting Trolled by “Santanic” After School Club

The After School Satan Club has nothing to do with religion but the program that promotes secularism and scientific rationalism is causing outrage among Christian parents. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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“A new after-school club at Golden Hills Elementary School in Kern County’s Tehachapi, called the “After School Satan Club,” is drawing community outrage.

That’s largely the point.

For years, the Satanic Temple, a group the Washington Post described as a “nontheistic religious organization advocating for secularism and scientific rationalism,” has been launching these clubs in public schools where evangelical Christian groups — namely, the Good News Club — have their own meetings.”

4 thoughts on “Christian Parents MELTDOWN After Getting Trolled by “Santanic” After School Club

  1. IMO, the individuals who originally invoked the word “Satan” for their organization’s name were asking for trouble. I understand (and support) their POV, but for believers, the word SATAN! is a trigger word and it will always create an uproar. Especially among the evangelicals.

    Having said that, I hope the group prevails. Essentially, it has every RIGHT to hold meetings wherever it chooses.

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    1. Hello Nan. I think that was the point. Really. The word Christian could be triggering, the word Muslim is to some people, the attempt by any named religion to be pushed in school is triggering to atheists. By using the word Satan in their name it was an attempt to make Christians realize what they were doing, pushing their brand of religious indoctrination on kids. Also it is a way to point out that these Christians are too ignorant to even understand that the group is science and secular based, so every time they claim it is teaching kids about Satan and the devil it shows how dumb they are. Hugs


      1. Sorry, Scottie. I don’t agree with your conclusion on why these groups use Satan in their name. I feel quite certain it’s being used strictly as a slap in the face of Christians.

        Believers are certain such an entity exists and is out to do harm … NOT just to kids, but to non-believers of all shapes and sizes. From their perspective, he is an evil-doer that worms his way into people’s lives and minds to make them reject “God.” Any group that uses Satan in their name is simply spitting in the face of believers.

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        1. Hello Nan. You got it in the first guess. It is meant as a slap in the face. That is what I said in my reply. It is called trolling. It can be done nicely or nastily. I think this is a nice way for a secular group that thinks believing in gods and devils is stupid to troll the god believers. Flat out name yourself after their bad guy who in the bible was a nicer more helpful being to the humans than their god. The group clearly points out in all their writings and on their web site they don’t believe in the supernatural. They focus on science and learning. Which is a dig at the religious people that put belief in myths over actually known science data. Yes it gets the Christians upset, and I bet most of the Christians don’t even get the joke. After all it is on them. But this is still a democracy not a theocracy and the point is to not let the Christians assume an entitlement to authority they don’t / shouldn’t have.

          Personally I love it in all respects, especially when the Christians have a choice of getting rid of their after school bible groups or allowing the “satanists” to have an after school club also. Hugs


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