An Atheists’ job as Jōb

In Chapters 38 & 39 of the Bible’s book of Job, the Hebrew god takes another jab at Job, asking him a battery of questions that Job could not answer, as if Job’s inability to answer this question means that God is real. Except that the questions asked all depend on prior assumptions which we now know to be false. So it’s about time someone answered what that other character from thousands of years ago could not have understood.

3 thoughts on “An Atheists’ job as Jōb

  1. There’s a couple of translations out there not sanctioned by The Church, Greek and Armenian translations, that in the end have Job rebuking “god” … tells it how ashamed he, Job, is to have been made in its image. I like that translation.

    A Comedy of Errors …

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    1. Hello Ten Bears. I agree, I like that version as well. But that just shows how the bible was written by men, recopied by men, and not something infallible written by a god. You know I don’t mind good positive messages or personal guidance / code of living that improves yourself. No atheist would have an issue with that. Why do religious believers have to make it something more, something hateful, something that if you refuse to use that guidance it is a personal offence to them? I need to ask Nan that also. Hugs


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