Spike In Anti-Trans Rhetoric On Twitter Sparks Fears Of More Violent Attacks

Alicia Menendez speaks with Angelo Carusone, President and CEO of Media Matters, on the recent spike in anti-trans rhetoric and how Twitter’s new leadership under Elon Musk might make matters worse.

3 thoughts on “Spike In Anti-Trans Rhetoric On Twitter Sparks Fears Of More Violent Attacks

    1. Hello Ali. Right now Musk is driven by a huge debt he created himself, walked into with his ego leading him, and is stuck with a company that not only he paid 20 billion too much for it is also losing revenue with his management. He needs to get advertisers and other means of making Twitter make a profit. He has to drive traffic to twitter to make revenue and convince advertisers it is a good bang for the bucks. That means he has to let the most controversial people like trump, West, and Greene back on. But he doesn’t seem to understand that most companies don’t want to be associated with the anger, the vitriol, the bigotry and racism of these people or their tweets. He really is not that bright. He is a showman like trump. Both were born to wealthy families and use other people’s money to buy the work of other people then claim it as their own. Both have made up an entire fictional history of themselves. Musk’s entire education background he was pushing as a super smart school kid who went on to get advanced degrees is a complete fiction. Just like trumps. Two other guys started Tesla / building the cars, and musk jumped in buying the company and then claiming he came up with the idea. But this time he did something his bluster and showmanship cannot bail him out of, like trump and the legal cases against him. Hugs

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