Herschel Walker Has Hit A DISGUSTING New Low With This Comment

Herschel Walker has hit a disgusting new low, claiming that Raphael Warnock abused children. Max Burns breaks it down.

5 thoughts on “Herschel Walker Has Hit A DISGUSTING New Low With This Comment

  1. So … what else is new? He’s a blight on the human race … and based on the thinking of certain Republicans, this makes him all the more acceptable as a potential Senator!

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    1. Hello Nan. He is only doing what Marge Greene and Lauren Boebert are doing, only he is not as slick at it. They are calling all the teachers groomers, drag queens sexualizes of children, material with LGBTQ+ subjects / characters are forcing sex on children, and recently Greene was tweeting that the democrats were grooming kids by supporting the LGBTQ+ people, especially Biden. They say this stuff every day and their right wing supporters eat it up / believe it. He was just very blunt and came right out and accused / made the claim against a sitting Senator, who surprisingly happens to be his opponent. Bastards! I wish the majority of people in this country would lash out at the republicans and show them their hatred doesn’t pay. Hugs

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  2. Oh my aching head! How did this arsehole even get as far as he’s gotten??? If Georgians elect him, then I suggest Georgia should have been allowed to secede from the Union some 150+ years ago! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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    1. Hello Jill. I hope you and your family had a great holiday with food, fun, and grand friends. I often wonder what we gained by keeping some of these states in the union other than we did manage to sort of free a bunch of people that might still be slaves in Texas, Missouri, and Florida. What do most of these backward regressive southern states do for the country now except cause problems? But it is such a shame, a blight on our political or education systems that the US is so tribal now that they would vote for someone so clearly unqualified as Walker just because he has an R next to his name on a ballot. I think the US needs a multi-party system of at least five parties to stop this US or Them mentality. Hugs

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      1. Thanks, Scottie!! We did, indeed, but in all honesty I’m glad it’s over and wish Christmas was also in the rear view mirror. I’m not much a fan of holidays anymore, though I used to love them.

        Well, what we gained at the time was largely agricultural … cotton, tobacco, etc., plus the preservation of the nation the Founders worked so hard to build. But today … what we get from the Southern states is mostly grief and aggravation, at least so it seems to me. The South has yet to realize that the Civil War is over and that they LOST! It’s funny how Texas keeps threatening to secede, but surely the lawmakers in Texas are smart enough to realize that the U.S. could survive just fine without Texas, but Texas would not survive without the rest of the nation. DeSantis is leading Florida down a very dangerous path with his bigotry and closed-mindedness, his desire to whitewash not only history, but an entire culture. And Walker … well, Walker is a fool who is being manipulated by the GOP and likely doesn’t even realize it. I don’t foresee him winning on December 6th, but if he does, then woe to this nation, for the idiots will have taken over.

        I agree about the multi-party system and have long said we need mandatory, all-postal voting and a multi-party system, but we both know that isn’t likely to happen in the next 100 years! Sigh. Hugs

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