SLATE: Without Abortion, Doctors in Texas Are Forced to Witness Horrible Outcomes

Without Abortion, Doctors in Texas Are Forced to Witness Horrible Outcomes
The data they record is full of grief.

Read in Slate:

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5 thoughts on “SLATE: Without Abortion, Doctors in Texas Are Forced to Witness Horrible Outcomes

    1. Hello Barry. I hopeful that somehow we can turn it around, late as it is. Yes the red states have a jump on entrenching regressive polices into law, but this last election showed we can make inroads on their hold on power. But it is now going to take a lot of effort. Best wishes.

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    1. While I have reservations about the termination of viable fetuses after around 24 weeks for non medical reasons, for example a career opening, I’m not persuaded that criminalising abortion is the answer. Far better would be to change the work environment, by legislation if necessary so that pregnancy and parenthood do not affect one’s career prospects.

      In this regards, Aotearoa New Zealand is heading in the opposite direction from the US, having recently decriminalised abortion completely. We already have free health care and parental leave for up to 6 months. But we still need to change the attitude towards parenthood that is present in some conservative management styles. Perhaps, as it was in the 1970s with drink driving legislation, social attitudes change gradually in the wake of New laws.

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    2. Hello Nan. Yes! It is a medical procedure that should be between doctors and patients. But this says that in these states legislators know more about medicine and best medical practices / best way to treat a medical condition. How can it be pro-life when because these women couldn’t get the treatment they needed they lost the ability to ever have children again. These were women that wanted to have children now denied that right forever due to republican white men who know more about treating women / pregnancy than the medical doctors. Hugs

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