Bar targeted with drive-by shooting after conservatives rage about drag & queer bingo events

This is gang rule.   This is what the right wing / republicans are driving.     Outrage against one segment of the population.    We have seen this before, and it doesn’t end well.   If they succeed in making the LGBTQI+ disappear who will be the next scapegoats?   Who will be the next targets?    The right wing groups that stoked this outrage and attack that could have caused death removed their inciting posts as soon as they got their way.   Just like Fox news acts, drive outrage and then claim they did not do anything.    Think of the preparations the shooter did, removing the license plate also wearing a mask and gloves.  I wonder if the car was “borrowed”?   Otherwise why wear gloves in your own car?  And where are the police in all this, they set up cameras, for a masked person?  Why not have increased patrols, why not have a news conference saying these acts of terrorism won’t be tolerated?  Why don’t the police protect the attacked communities?   Hugs

Bar targeted with drive-by shooting after conservatives rage about drag & queer bingo events
Photo: Brewmasters Taproom

A Seattle-area pub was hit by gunfire yesterday, days before a scheduled drag queen story hour and bingo night.

The Brewmaster’s Taproom in Renton, Washington, just south of Seattle, was hit a single gunshot to their front window in a drive-by shooting around noon on Wednesday. The pub’s monthly Drag Queen Storytime and Rainbow Bingo events will go on as planned on Saturday.

Brewmaster’s owner Marley Rall told LGBTQ Nation she was working at home when she got a text from an employee at the coffee stand next door to the pub. “They just texted me and said, ‘Hey, I just watched this.’”

Rall said the assailant had removed the license plates from the car and was wearing a mask and gloves.

Rall posted to Facebook: “So just an update for everyone. Our taproom was shot at today around noon. We believe it has to do with the people who are upset about our Drag Queen Story Time. We would like you to know we are still going to have drag queen storytime. But we also want to be transparent with parents. Renton PD is aware and has set up cameras.”

“Hatred isn’t pretty,” one commenter posted. “Hang in there. A lot of us will be there to support you! Grateful for your inclusion of all people.” Rall, who lives with her husband in Renton, calls herself a staunch ally of the LGBTQ+ community.

The shooting comes after plans for a protest at the event by right-wing anti-LGBTQ+ groups came to light. “We are aware of the chatter and threats,” Rall wrote in a Facebook post Tuesday. “Every month we get emails and phone calls about our Drag Queen Story Time. Never have we had issues, but this time feels different.”

The single gunshot came from a silver four-door sedan hours later.

Rall said she noticed unusual activity on the tap room’s Facebook page Monday night. “I get a notification,” Rall said, and a woman “had posted on our newsletter, ‘This is fucking disgusting,’ and ‘You’re fucking groomers and you’re pedophiles,’ and then had scrolled through our Facebook page to go find another post from the month before, specifically for our drag queen storytime and bingo.”

Rall was also made aware of a protest flyer originating with right-wing group Wake Up WA State that had spread across social media and was shared by advocacy group LGBTQIA+ Renton and a local councilwoman. Calls for protest also made their way to Reddit, where one poster suggested shooting up a transformer to deprive Brewmasters of power during the event.

“So I screenshot it and send it to the city,” Rall says. “This is a thing and somebody clearly wants to replicate what was going on in North Carolina.” She was referring to a

Following the shooting Wednesday, Wake Up WA State scrubbed their Facebook account of any reference to the event.

“Wake Up WA State is shutting its pages down at least for now,” wrote group organizer Justine Andrina. “We talked about it a lot and made this decision because the people running the groups are putting themselves at risk at this point and the benefit is outweighing the risks [sic].”

A deleted post archived by a Brewmaster supporter illustrated Wake Up WA State’s role in the protest and purported cancellation.

Andrina shared: “Per the organizer holding the protest: ‘Based on some recent developments we’ve decided to pull the plug on Saturday. Someone took a shot at the bar today.’ I don’t know if it was a false flag or a patriot who got too hotheaded. Either way, it now seems like a major security issue and since children will be present, we made the decision to cancel. If you are able to make a note of that on Wake Up WA FB, it would be appreciated. Thanks.”

“Whoever did this to Brewmasters,” Andrina wrote, “you’re sick in the head.”

Rall says both her parents lost family in the Holocaust, and they made sure she could recite the poem First They Came.

“Just because it doesn’t personally impact you, one day, you’re going to turn around and nobody’s going to be there, because it will,” she said. “This is about keeping everybody safe, and making sure that everybody continues to feel comfortable coming out and being their authentic self.”


2 thoughts on “Bar targeted with drive-by shooting after conservatives rage about drag & queer bingo events

  1. Hi Scottie;
    This is, if one reads history, how Germany began to experience Hitler. One political group began to use another group of people as the fall guy for all of the problems the once wealthy country was experiencing. High inflation, scarce jobs, gas prices for all I know; every problem was given to this “whippingboy” group of people, and the rest of the people kept their heads down glad it was someone else who was catching hell rather than them.
    For everyone who thinks this is all junk that will wash under the bridge, my sure fear is that it will only do so once we go through what Germany had to go through to purge their people of this sentiment.


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