Grandparents send this message to grandson after finding out he’s gay

The world it is a’ changing.   This is what programs of acceptance and tolerance produce, a better world for everyone.   This is what positive representation does, it shows the LGBTQI+ are not monsters and helps people understand that they know people who are LGBTQI+, maybe even a family member.   This is why the haters want to take LGBTQI+ books out of schools and libraries, why these haters want the don’t say gay laws.   They want to stop the spread of acceptance that comes with people knowing, seeing, and understanding gay, lesbian, trans and the rest of the LGBTQI+ community.    Hugs

Bill and Jill, Simon's grandparentsBill and Jill, Simon’s grandparents (Photo: Simon Crowther)

A man has shared the message he received from his grandparents after they found out, via a newspaper story, that he’s gay.

Simon Crowther, 28, is a British civil engineer who specializes in water and flooding. The Nottingham-based entrepreneur founded his own company, Flood Protection Solutions, while still at university in 2012. In 2018 he was featured in a ‘Forbes Under 30’ feature of entrepreneurs to watch. The latest issue of gay magazine Attitude highlighted Crowther as a rising name in the LGBTQ engineering and tech world.

Simon Crowther
Simon Crowther (Photo: Avit Media)

Crowther was out to most people in his life, including immediate family, but not his grandparents. However, his inclusion in Attitude list of 101 trailblazers was picked up by a local newspaper in his hometown of Nottingham, which ran a story about Crowther’s achievements.

Crowther’s uncle commented about the article to his grandparents, Jill and Bill, prompting this adorable message from them.

“Hello Simon, We learned from John R when he came round with Grandpa’s birthday present, that there was an excellent article recently, about you and how you built your business, in a Nottingham Evening Post Magazine.

“Apparently, you reported that you had ‘Come Out’ as being gay to your family when you were 21. Obviously, it was decided to keep it from us for if it upset us. Don’t worry, we are not upset.

“In fact, I had already worked it out for myself (Gran), but Grandpa didn’t know. Don’t worry. You are still the same Simon to us this news alters nothing. We want you to know that you are still our grandson and we love you just the same.

“We have not mentioned this to Mum or Jenny, so this message will be as big a surprise to them when you tell them, as it will be to you. I am so glad we now know. Enjoy your life.

“You are making a pretty good job of it up to now. And…..we would still love to see the article mentioned above. Can you e-mail it to us? With all our love and support,

“Gran and Grandpa.”

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Crowther shared the message to Twitter, adding the caption, “My 89 year old grandparents win the award for most adorable email ever 🥰🥰🥰 Feeling blessed”

At the time of writing, the tweet has had over 44k likes and hundreds of comments. Here are just a few of the replies.

And this is why we need to push back on the “excuse old people for bigotry” line. They don’t need to be. The world is better when they’re actually good people, no matter how old.

— Janet McKenna Lowry (@JanetMcKennaLow) January 13, 2022


3 thoughts on “Grandparents send this message to grandson after finding out he’s gay

  1. The people who choose to come out, feared the attitudes of those whom they are closest to, because they don’t know how their loved ones would react, because of the more negative feedbacks they receive from their immediate environment, showing that intolerance, but, their loved ones are more understanding, because, they’re our next-of-kin, and that first step out is usually the hardest to take…


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