CNN Host: MTG Has Just “Endorsed Violent Sedition” – JMG

“She was playing to the crowd. But what she is basically saying is what we’ve been pointing out: without accountability, failed insurrections are just practice.

“She’s saying they would have succeeded, and they would have come armed. And that’s a statement with real weight if you’re a member of Congress.

“That’s an endorsement of violent sedition. Make no mistake about it.” – CNN host John Avlon, on MTG’s declaration that if she had planned the Capitol attack, “we would have won.”

SkokieDaddy – wiener dog dad • a minute ago

He speech is a violation of her oath of office. Nancy could hold a vote to remove her as one of her final acts?

Buford • a minute ago

The big take-away from this is that John Avlon will soon be looking for a job… this new CNN_v2.0 won’t tolerate objective criticism of Republicans irritating its 55+ demographic.

TnCTampa • 11 minutes ago

It dont matter… we wont do anything. Too political to hold the leader of the house GOP responsible for her calls to violence and to overthrow our republic. So they just keep on overthrowing, slowly and surely. Maybe they can get one of them thar special prosecutors to look into this as well

billbear1961 • 4 minutes ago

That is exactly what she has done. I thought this was illegal. So, why isn’t she being held accountable? Is the DoJ yet AGAIN afraid to act? Do we have to add this to Jack Smith’s plate, too?!

3 thoughts on “CNN Host: MTG Has Just “Endorsed Violent Sedition” – JMG

  1. The commenters are spot-on! And I too question … will this be just ONE MORE time that the Repukes get away with seditious comments/actions? It’s time the Democrats demonstrate they have a spine!

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    1. Hello Nan. I agree. The way I see it is that she has upped the ante in her rhetoric until she has gone right over the cliff at the top. That is the problem with constant shit stirring and anger baiting, how to keep people outraged and willing to lash out as you want them to without then going on a mass shooting. How often can you scream they are having sex with children in the basement of a pizza shop that has no basement before a guy with a gun goes to save the children. As happened in the comet Pizza place. But I am not sure it is the democrats at this point that need a spine, I think it is the courts. Half the judges sentencing the rioters were letting them off and treating them like it was no big deal. Only a couple judges treated it as seriously as it should be. Our US system of government almost failed. And the republicans that claim every election they lose is rigged or has massive fraud is setting the next republican president up to never leave office. Scary. I hate that Ron is correct and we could see the breakup of the US soon. Hugs

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