Fox News & Why is everyone picking on Christians?

6 thoughts on “Fox News & Why is everyone picking on Christians?

  1. Scottie, as is my pattern, I only watched/read part of his video presentation. But I had to comment on the very first part where the wait staff REFUSED to serve the Christian group.

    YAY!! Good for them!!

    How many times have the True Christians™ REFUSED to bake cakes, provide medication, etc. to those that didn’t “fit” into their personal belief system. Well, maybe it’s time for THEM to feel the pain!!

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    1. Did you get to the part where the reverend says that Christians are not being persecuted, and why? By listening to the beginning, but not the end, in all probability, you’ll misconstrue entirely what he’s on about. In his words Christians are not being persecuted, they are being prosecuted, and for good reason: Their message is often one of intolerance and hate, and they are being judged on that basis. He has good reason to be concerned – not for the way Christians are perceived by others, but by the way many Christians perceive others. He has a valid point, particularly how it relates to Christianity in the US.

      My own religious tradition has had an opposition to clergy for the almost 400 years of existence, but I wouldn’t mind an occasional sermon if they were of the calibre of Rev Ed Trevors 🙂


      1. Yes, I watched past his opening remarks (about 2/3’s of the video), so I did get the gist of his message. But to me, the episode about the wait servers was so personally satisfying that I had to comment on it.


  2. I agree entirely with the good Rev Ed. Apart from one very important point. There is no “one Christian body”. There never has been. I think it would be wiser for those christian groups, particularly those at the liberal end of the spectrum to acknowledge that fact. This is one reason why the religious body I belong to no longer claim to be Christian, as there the chasm between what we believe and practice and what some Christians believe and practice, is so wide it can not be bridged. And yet our practices have changed little over almost 400 years.

    I think the majority of Christians in Aotearoa New Zealand would be in agreement with Rev Ed – even those who like my son hold fundamentalist beliefs. There is no room for hate, whether based on religion or ideology of any type.


  3. Am reminded everyday of Jesus routing the money-grubbers out of the temple; of I’m not sure but what a winking tongue-in-cheek admonishment to keep it in the closet … on every level the church, the religion, violates everything Jesus taught.

    I used to think the Pilgrims were the best trick the devil ever pulled …


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