This afternoon has been family fun

This afternoon is grand and I am so happy.   Last night I couldn’t sleep because of pain and muscle spasms.   I got up at 4 AM after not sleeping.  But after everyone was up I went back to bed and got some sleep while Ron and James went to a warehouse store to shop.

Why is this afternoon so grand?  Because I am sitting here at my desk while the guys work in the kitchen and we are together because it is the open concept I love.   The guys got huge blocks of cheese and meats at good prices and are using the slicer to slice it and put it in the vacuum freezer bags.   As they are working and I am on the computer everyone is talking and joking, sometimes teasing each other, making jokes, having fun.   Such a difference from my childhood.   There is no anger in the room, no fear of saying the wrong thing, no stress or anxiety.  No violence or even harsh orders given.    Just three people in a room with two working on their thing, me working on mine, everyone talking, joking, laughing, making mistakes and helping each other, James cutting me slices of things and bringing me them.   I wish as a kid I had known such kinds of families could exist.   It is so uplifting and makes me so happy.  In a few months I will be 60 years old, I am still grappling with my abusive childhood.   I am still just in love with how it can be, enjoying these times, enjoying the daily love, the concern from each of us towards each other.   I still cry for the abused boy in my memories, and I wish I could tell him how good it will be a lifetime from then.  How withstanding, taking all the hurt and harm will one day lead to a home where he is safe, loved, protected, and happy.      Hugs

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