And the total is

For those who wonder why I get so upset over the right wing media / fox Tucker Carlson / libs of TT claiming that drag queens are groomers, teachers are sexualizing kids in their classrooms, and using violence to shut down drag shows.   Even the crap about trans women using the bathroom is going to let “men” rape your little daughters”.   Yet none of these people are talking about the people really sexually assaulting kids.  I tend to go to the news stories and dogs that love gravy I have to stop doing that as some of the things these religious people are accused of doing by legal authorities, not twitter or Facebook but real law enforcement people, trigger me so bad it causes daytime problems and nightmares.   And it is everyday.   But no republican in office is addressing it.  DeathSantis the Christian savior who forced through the don’t say gay bills outlawing LGBTQI+ in schools and the anti-history bills claiming talking about the reality of slavery is woke and CRT while making white kids sad, never says a word about these religious leaders.  Never out laws them?  But does give their leaders permission to go into the schools and start clubs.  Setting up future kids to be abused.   Hugs

One thought on “And the total is

  1. Scottie, in making general accusations, we lose sight of the real, sad stories we must be ever vigilant against. Several of these stories have the same institutional error of trying to cover up the problem, of course, making it worse, hurting more people and damaging its reputation. This is where the focus should be:
    – The Catholic church and its pedophile priest problem that went on for decades.
    – The Boy Scouts of America and its pedophile scout leader problem
    – The Southern Baptist Convention which covered up sexual assaulters in its ranks of ministers
    – The following universities and Olympic team that had variations of sexual assault and pedophile problems – U of Michigan, Michigan State U, Penn State U, The Ohio State U, US Olympic Women’s Gymnastic team, eg
    – a coach in youth tennis in Florida, a coach in youth soccer (football) in Great Britain, eg
    – Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Kevin Spacey, and every man in some level of authority or importance who oversees the career of others and sexually abuses those under him.

    None of this is right or lawful. Covering it up meant more folks were harmed. To be frank, more folks needed to go to jail for these actions. These are the real stories.


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